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WEEK 26 2009

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Saturday 27 June 2009
Saturday - Getting packed for next week, a week at the beach in Cayucos! I am to tow the float - a pirate ship - so am getting that all ship shape as well. So to speak.

Book #31 was Irish Lace, by Andrew M. Greeley. It's a mystery, of sorts, with an Irish woman and her American husband as the Holmes/Watson pair. Greeley is a priest, and violently anti-Republican for some reason. The evil judge, for example, is a Republican. Weird, given that the setting is the notoriously corrupt Democratic city of Chicago.

Friday 26 June 2009

Friday - busy. I wanted to leave early for Lancaster, but ended leaving pretty late.

Thursday 25 June 2009

Thursday - Farewell, Kodachrome! But kudo's to Dwayne's Photo,  Parsons, Kansas, for being the last developer. Whoa - it says on their web site that they still process 126 film as well - I didn't know that it had even been phased out elsewhere! I may have a roll or two that needs developing, left over from some old backpack trips in the 1990's.

Book #30 was Captains Courageous, by Rudyard Kipling. This was as an ebook from Project Gutenberg, on the Sony Reader. Not bad, amusing, but not quite as much character development as I'd expected. I've never seen the 1937 movie all the way through - a friend tells me it is excellent, and that Spencer Tracy, unsurprisingly, steals the show...

I think the only other book by Kipling that I've read is Kim, many years ago.

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Wednesday - down to the boat. Still no cooling water being drawn into the diesel. I pulled the inlet filter & checked that there is flow in through the sea cock, and flow through the filter, so it's probably the impeller (no water gushing from the exhaust cannister into the bilges, alas, an easy fix). Bah. But I've a spare impeller & just need to research how to replace it on the Yanmar.

Sluiced the topsides with the hose, but it needs cleaning, varnishing, and sailing.

There is a boat festival in Oxnard on Saturday, I'm tempted to see what might turn up there. Prices are down, lot's of empty slips - I bet used boat gear is at good (for buyers!) price.

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Tuesday - pretty busy, but feeling much better.

 Monday 22 June 2009

Monday - back at work - an early group inspection to take part in.

Sunday was nearly a lost cause, though I did get a bit of structural reinforcement done on the pirate ship. I need to get some better attachments for the trailer safety chains, then it'll be safe for the road.

I've been on the road quite a bit, so the books are almost all audio for the last few weeks.

Book #29 was The Far Side of the World, by Patrick O'Brian. As always, excellent.

Sunday 21 June_2009

Sunday - Book #28 was The Ghost Map*, by Steven Johnson. It's an excellent story, of Londons' 1854 Cholera Epidemic, and of Dr. John Snow and the Reverend Henry Whitehead, who proved that Cholera is a water borne disease, rather than a vaporous toxin (Miasma). The germ theory of disease not yet existing this took some brilliant, tedious & extensive, and dangerous sleuthing by the two - at first independently and at odds, but later together.

I listened to the MP3, but the map is online, a 5MB PDF download, at a website about the book-

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Foggy May in Ventura

Photo Notes: Morning fog in Ventura, May, 2009

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