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WEEK 27 2007

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Saturday 7 July 2007

Saturday - Book #47 was The Death-Bringers*, by Dell Shannon. It's a hard boiled detective novel, a police procedural, set in the grim and gritty world of Los Angeles homicide. Or, rather, that's it was meant to be. Written in 1964 it comes across today as quaint. Teletypes. Stopping into drug stores for lunch and to use pay phones to contact central. Cars without air conditioning. A bank robber who successfully robs several banks in a row! The police issuing concealed carry gun permits to citizens! A murder every week!. It was a Luis Mendoza mystery - there have to be dozens of books in the LM series, which continued being written up into the 1980's (I think).

Recommended, actually.

It was miserably hot in Lancaster. Bah.

If I didn't have to be at work next week I'd have taken a few more days off, and gone to see my father in NorCal.

Friday 6 July 2007

Friday - time to head home. We managed to delay the return until noon, then it was back on the highway. A very hot highway...

117F. Incredible. It averaged 110F-113F in the Central Valley.

Thursday 5 July  2007

Thursday - The marine layer and fog hung in most of the day. Which was great, a wonderful change from the desert, and the reports of 110F+ back in Lancaster and the central valley just made it more delicious. What a great time to be at the beach.

And where does that time go, anyway? It just seems to vanish.

Wednesday 4 July 2007

Wednesday - Happy 231st to the U.S. of A!!

It was a good trip down to Cayucos, and the weather was wonderful. Until Wednesday afternoon, anyway

Bright and Sunny! Surfing, tanning and football...

Then it got a little misty to the Southwest.

The fog rolled in from the south. The sun bathers and dog walkers are hanging in there...

But were vanquished. It was cool and windy. The beach emptied out...

The lack of crowds meant that the sheriffs had plenty of time and men to patrol the beach for once,
and routed all the evil fireworks people. But the neighbors managed one fountain...

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Tuesday - I was going to stay and work for the entire week, except Wednesday, but since everyone else has taken the rest of the week off I think I will do the same.

A cursory check of the Explorer, just before the trip to the beach, 200 miles away, revealed this:

Just surface damage, lucky for me.

 Monday 2 July 2007

Monday - back at work.

Sunday 1 July 2007

Sunday - The cats and I enjoyed the patio, before it got too hot. In the evening I went to a nice barbecue with friends.

On Friday last they were running groups of people down to the Space Shuttle area, to see Atlantis in the Mate/DeMate facility. I wasn't going to go but a couple of other engineers talked me into it.

There was a huge crowd, and they were being bused down in several mini-vans for a half hour peek. Apparently anyone who could get onto Edwards AFB was allowed - military, dependents, civil service, civilians of all sorts and sizes and ages. So it took about an hour of standing in line to get to the vans. By the time we were embarked they'd found a couple more vans and that was helping. They'd also moved the line out of the hot sun into the shade of the cafeteria patio.

There is a photo, down below, of Atlantis.

Picture of the Week
Orbiter Atlantis in the Dryden Mate-Demate Facility

Photo NotesOrbiter Atlantis in the Dryden Mate-Demate Facility, June 2007.

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