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WEEK 28 2005

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Saturday 16 July 2005

Saturday - watched 'The Terminal' with Tom Hanks. It was entertaining, if a bit odd - not quite as Hollywood formulaic as usual.

We also watched the Dodgers/Giants game this afternoon. Bottom of the ninth, tied, the Dodges have loaded the bases, full count to the batter - and I offered to bet Dad a quarter that the Dodger's would win. For some reason he refused.

Earlier in the week we watched the Home Run Derby, which was fun, and the All Star Game, which was excellent. Except that the NL lost, again, costing me a quarter.

There was an amusing misprint in the TV GUIDE this week:

giants double billed
Now that's what I call a double header!

Friday 15 July 2005

Friday - put together a planter for the old Hydrangea. The old planter was a wine barrel and has had it's steel bands rust out, consequently the staves have sprung. You can buy these wine barrels fairly cheaply, but I decided to build my own planter.

The new planter is some 1x8 fir planks, and is square rather than round. It was assembled around the plant since we think the roots have probably grown into the ground over the years, making it impossible to move without killing it.

Thursday 14 July  2005

Thursday - it is said that an author should start a novel or story with a "hook line". Dan Simmon's new book, Olympos, (the sequel to Ilium) has just come out, and it starts with:

"Helen of Troy awakes just before dawn to the sound of air raid sirens."

Wednesday 13 July 2005

Wednesday - Reading "Eagle Seamanship", a book about sailing the square rigger Eagle, the United States Coast Guard training ship. On page 54 we have the following:

These simple rules are based on longstanding traditions and practices of sailing men. Cadets must learn to abide by them quickly and completely.
  1. Take no unnecessary chances and avoid grandstanding.
  2. One hand for the man and one for the ship. Men aloft have four points of contact with the rigging: two hands and two feet. Three of these points are always kept in firm contact with part of the standing rigging; being sure never to get support from running rigging such as clewlines, buntlines, or other gear which may come slack.
  3. Ratlines are light and sometimes carry away, shrouds and backstays never do, consequently, when going aloft cadets should always keep their hands on the shrouds and use the ratlines only for their feet. They climb one ratline at a time.
  4. When laying out on the yard, cadets use the jackstay for their hands, never trusting gaskets or bights of the sail.
  5. They never stand on the yard unless ordered to. They do use the flemish horses on the yardarms. Special circumstances may, at sometime, require a cadet to straddle a yard or even stand on it; when this is necessary, it is done only after carefully thinking what will happen if the sail suddenly fills or shakes. A very small puff of wind in a sail is quite capable of throwing a man entirely out of the rigging if he is sitting on the sail.
  6. Cadets should never get on the lee side of a sail while working on the bowsprit.
  7. They also always use the weather shrouds when going, or coming down from, aloft. Either side may be used when the wind is fore and aft.

Tuesday 12 July 2005

Tuesday - I've now stained the patio table. Weather permitting I am starting to put on the varnish coats. The hot weather makes for some rather unpredictable convection breezes.

I had thought that the varnish I was using would be similar to a varathane finish, very thick and glossy. It's glossy, but it's going on thin, and shows each and every grain and imperfection in the sanding and finishing job. Oh well, it's just a patio table.

I also though a single quick swish through mineral spirits would clean the brush. Not so. I've bought a new brush now...

Monday 11 July 2005

Monday - It's odd, I often find old CD's laying by the side of the road while out walking. On this trip: Godsmack, whoever they may be. Some sort of Christian Rock?

godsmack cd
A little the worse for wear.

Sunday 10 July 2005

Sunday - we had a little barbecue. Not a whole lot to say - sailing was good Saturday, and I stayed overnight at my brothers, too tired and full of steak and beer to drive home.

Picture of the Week
A boat sailing on SF bay

Photo Notes: Sailboat tacking with us on SF bay.

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