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WEEK 31 2013

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Saturday 3 August 2013
Saturday - Hmmmm. AVG seems to have installed itself on my Bootcamp partition, without my knowledge or permission. I'll have to remove that. I wonder how it got on though? Lots of windows updates, and some bootcamp updates too.

Friday 2 August 2013
Friday - Over to the bank in the morning to sign the refinance papers. So, that's one thing done. Kind of a wash, really, I waited too long, but it gives me some wiggle room if work tanks again.

In the meantime I'll put stuff towards the principal. Or buy some property in the west valley, like I've been talking about for years...

I did pick up the new casement window a/c. I don't have any of the accessory brackets or hardware, but I was able to download the manual from the internet. It's 12,000BTU rather than 5,000BTU, so it should work well. I'll just have to figure out how to install it.

Thursday 1 August 2013

Thursday - OTR. Home in the afternoon. It's hot in Lancaster, but the humidity seems to have gone away. Darn tired.

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Wednesday  - OTR.

Tuesday  30 July 2013
Tuesday - OTR.

Monday  29 July 2013
Monday - OTR.

Sunday 28 July 2013
Sunday - OTR. Up at five and down to Ventura, Ojai and Thousand Oaks for some prefatory work on a contract we're managing. The contractor hired to do the work is already complaining, before having lifted so much as a shovel.

Not many updates until I get back.

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Roger the bubble pirate 
Photo Notes: Jolly Roger the Bubble Pirate!

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