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WEEK 32 2006

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Saturday 13 August 2006

Saturday - my Dad asked about the Quiet Spike program, and if I were revealing secrets. No, not really. You can read about it here, and here, and here. Just google "quiet + spike + gulfstream" for more examples.

Went in a did about 4 hours work - but the sun box was down again. Bah. Mostly I worked on a report, which is good, since it forces one to focus on the end product.

Hopefully I'll get some hiking in tomorrow. And hopefully I'll get some sleep in tonight - the neighbor's are having a party.

Friday 12 August 2006

Friday - kept busy. Read a lot of documentation, went to more meetings...

Thursday 11 August  2006

Thursday - first flight of the F-15B Quiet Spike. Nice and dull, the way we like it. Then a flight party at the Rosamond Coaches' after work.

I'm just beat. And completely out of clean clothes - I haven't hooked up the new (to me) dryer yet.

Wednesday 10 August 2006

Wednesday - another day eaten by locusts.

First I got the boat back from the boatyard. So I stayed the night at my friends, got over there when it opened, then paid them and after checking it out, started the diesel and motored back to my slip. First time the boats been back in 40 days or so. Then blasted up to NASA Dryden for more project meetings. First flight of the F-15B Quiet Spike tomorrow, so the crew brief was today.

There are a couple of D-21 drones sitting out on the ramp. I think they are left over from when we had a couple of SR-71's operating out here. Cool things. I went and looked at them - it doesn't really seem as though they have any place to put enough fuel to go any distance, but they must....

Tuesday 9 August 2006

Tuesday - busy. The day was eaten by meetings. Perhaps an hour of "engineering time", the rest - meetings. The F-15B Quiet Spike has a first flight later this week, and there is a lot of preparation for that. And CEV is spooling up out here.

 Monday 8 August 2006

Monday - busy. Almost hit a snake on the way into work. He was doing the peculiar sideways motion across the road, but was off to one side so I missed him.

I'd take another day off to spend with my brother, but there is so much stuff going on this week :-(

Sunday 7 August 2006

Sunday - a fun day. My brother was in town so we went and looked at the boats and watched the Raiders game.

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gulls over the ocean at morro bay

Photo Notes: Gulls at Morro Bay.

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