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WEEK 34 2018

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Saturday 25 August  2018
Saturday - A nice day.

Weather Underground has been having troubles lately, with the server not responding.  Interestingly the iPhone Weather App also fails at exactly the same time, so we know where they (Apple) are getting their feed from...

I guess the smoke is finally clearing up in Carson City and points north.  Even Portland and Plummer,ID were down to a mile or two visibility last week, but they are now clearer, but still hoping for rain.  I have read somewhere that a lot it (the smoke) it is Canadian fires, up in BC, that no-one is fighting.

Worked on the app for most of the day, with a nice nap after lunch. Not much to say there, just grinding it out.

Budd and Jim seem OK.  Jim really wants something besides his special diet food .  He'll steal from Suzy but doesn't quite have the nerve to steal from Budd, but he'll get close - within a foot or two - and watch intently for a fallen crumb of liver or beef Friskies to come his way.  Lucky for him that Budd is a sloppy eater. Since he doesn't seem to have the huge digestive issues that he had in the recent past  I think a little is OK.

Friday 24 August 2018
Friday - Nice weather, just a bit of a/c on low needed during the day.

I put the fabric on the frame and put the molding on, and put it on the door.  It looks pretty good (from a distance).

Worked on the app the better part of the day.  In a classic Apple eff-u to the developers the standard alert view still doesn't include graphics.  I thought it did, but that's an undocumented and unsupported usage by developers.  I can roll my own, or just proceed ahead with a standard view for now.

Thursday 23 August 2018
Thursday - Nice weather, not too hot and not humid.

Budd seems better. He ate a bit in the morning, then just slept, but he did come out from under the bed.  So I held off on another expensive vet visit.

He ate a bit more at lunch, and had a decent appetite by evening. He seems much better, but I wish I knew what triggered the whole episode.  Maybe he ate a live lizard, like the one I rescued from the other cats earlier in the week:

small lizard
Caught in a plastic cup and deposited outside.

I'll do a major cleanup in the garage this weekend, and keep him out of there until then.

Worked on the app, going through S's proposed changes, coming up with some questions, as always.  I'm not done with the database thing, but this is a nice break...

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Wednesday - In the 90's and dry (single digit humidity).

I cut the molding to size, and made the drill holes on the remaining frame.  I added the magnets and did a test fit on the french door window, then left it on to dry.

Afterwards I spent a couple of hours cleaning up the garage and putting things away.

The new screening didn't arrive until mid-afternoon, when I had wrapped up. I'll do that tomorrow.

Talked to S a bit in late afternoon about the app.

About 5pm, I discovered Budd had thrown up all over the garage.  While I was cleaning that up he managed to throw up (and have diarrhea) in the kitchen, the front room, and eventually all three bedrooms.  He took to hiding in dark out of the way places and would not let me pick him up.

Generally he has had the constitution of a rock, so I don't know what happened.

It was too late for the veterinarian, but I called Tim and let him know that a planned work visit to Ventura might not happen, depending on how his condition was in the morning.

Tuesday 21 August 2018
Tuesday - In the 90's, but dry.

I put a coat of paint on the frame, as planned.

Monday 20 August  2018
Monday - Hot, but relatively dry (heh).

I looked at the swamp cooler.  To my surprise it was the belt making all the noise - failing almost all the way through in multiple spots.  I went to the local hardware and picked up a belt, and also some cooler treatment solution - the warm days have resulted in a bit of mold and algae.  I oiled things, cleaned things, and put it all back together again.

I put another coat of paint on the remaining frame, tomorrow I'll put some finish paint, RustOleum on it.  When the fabric arrives I'll put it up. Then I'm mostly done, except for some final coats and such for the moldings about various of the other windows. 

I removed the extra bug screen in the office, it feels like quite a bit more flow passing through the room now.

I've a lot of indoor stuff to do as well, and I need to start putting full days in on the app.

It looks as though I have a bit of work down Ventura way on Thursday.

The Season 4 finale of BlackList was a doozy.

Sunday 19 August 2018
Sunday - Very Hot.  106F. Pretty tired, didn't do much in the afternoon.

The a/c is getting very noisy, I need to get up there and check things out.  I've had new bearings for weeks, but other things have gotten in the way.  Also it doesn't hurt to oil the bearings, check the water feed lines, check the belts and rinse the dust and dirt out of the pads. There was also a bit of odor today - I might run some cleanser/disinfectant stuff through it while I'm at it.

Did some shopping in the morning, with S.  Just a few things.

K&J were up when we returned from shopping - actually just coming back from a Starbucks run.  We had a nice long chat about what they'd been doing, and what was in store.

Kirk says that as an Ensign O-1 he technically makes a bit less than he did as an Officer Candidate/E-6, but since he's getting a locality bump (San Diego is expensive!) he's actually taking home more than he did.

I asked about promotions.  He said they are almost automatic - two years and he's a Lieutenant Junior Grade, then another two and he's a Lieutenant. After that it's a bit less automatic, to become a Lieutenant Commander for example, you need a Masters degree.

Interestingly, although he's tracked as a Nuke guy eventually, he'll be in the Surface Warfare Division as a deck officer at first.  Practice and familiarization, and I guess they don't want him to be "contaminated" by practices in the engine room of conventionally powered ships.

He's actually pretty happy about his ship, says he lucked out - LPD's are ships with a lot of missions and are always practicing many very different things, so it's actually more interesting than being on a DDG or CVN.

There is no base housing open, so they've got a B&B lined up while they apartment  hunt next week.  Sounds like quite an adventure!

They were headed down to Ojai in the late morning to visit with the grandparents.  I was invited but declined, as I saw D&M just a few weeks ago and wanted to give everybody else more family time.

I had picked up a little bit of Carne Asada meat at WinCo, and dropped it off with Aaron next door when they had me over from a Sunday brunch (bacon and egg sandwiches!), and he barbecued it for dinner.  Delicious!

Then we all sat around and watched one of the few remaining episodes of Season 4 of Blacklist.  It should be an epic season finale.

Picture of the Week

rolled the little suv
Niece rolled it into a creek, note the branches embedded in the wreck.
She then crawled out the window on her own.
Kudos to the Mazda designers.

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