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WEEK 35 2018

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Saturday 1 September  2018
Saturday - Getting warmer again.  And the humidity is creeping up. 

Weather Underground was predicting thunderstorms and rain, which did not happen, at all.  They are getting worse and worse, time to fine a new weather site I guess.

Sanded the house frames, and caulked the gaps.

Worked a bit on the app as well.

Friday 31 August 2018
Friday - Warm, but OK.

I reattached the table leg.  It's a "bar" table, meaning it's about 36" high, rather than the typical 29".  I only have one chair in the dining room, an adjustable office chair, so it's fine.

Having cleaned the inside of the window I decided to do the outside as well, which mean pulling the frames.  There was a lot of white overspray, from a half baked attempt by the previous owner at repainting at some point in the past.  Paint thinner and towels and razor blades took care of most of that, but it's a slow process.

Since I have the frames off I decided to give the molding a finish coat of paint, and to paint the house frame that they attach too while I was at it.  It'll take a couple of days.

Worked on the app most of the day, not much to say there, just grinding away at things.

I did a walk on Thursday, and apparently pulled a muscle in my leg, so my right hip hurts quite a bit.  Ibuprofen seems to help, but it's still painful when standing or trying to kneel. I was going to pull weeds, but that isn't happening.

Thursday 30 August 2018
Thursday - Nice low heat and humidity weather.

I put glued a dowel into the new-to-me kitchen table leg. It should take about 24 hours to dry, it being Gorilla Glue.  That doesn't have the very best results for wood glue according to the internet, but it's certainly stronger than the wood in the old table.

I also cleaned the office window on the inside with cleanser and a razor blade. That helped with the dimness in there.

The little USB video dongle seems very sensitive to heat, so I have a little fan blowing directly on it, that seems to help quite a bit. The cats are very curious about the little buzzing fan.  I run it off the little Anker external USB unit, so it doesn't actually draw power from the MacBook.

Mostly I just worked on the app, setting up views the way S wanted them.  Kind of a pain - transparent backgrounds and full screen buttons, but so it goes.

SCE finally sent me a bill the other day, for $41. I had paid them $150 this year already, just on general principles, and since I had apparently started the year with a $66 dollar credit I've used $257 in electricity this year.  Well, it's been warm.

I had a bit of a sore throat all day, hopefully not a serious bug, but had to say "no" when my neighbors invited me over for dinner, so as not to give anyone the bug.

Watched some teevee.

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Wednesday - A nice night on the boat, and a beautiful morning.

I borrowed a hose from a neighboring boat and spent some time doing a serious wash down of the exterior.  I actually have lichen growing on the shady side - growing in the "dirt" which is apparently ash from all the fires earlier in the year (and good growing soil). The Santa Ana's blow it out of the burned hills into the sea.

Next trip I'll take more time and do a soap and water wash.

I made a stop by the marina office and dropped off my slip fee, saving myself fifty cents this month.

Then I cruised up to Ojai and visited with Don and Mary.  I meant to bring them some steak sandwiches, but the place I was going to get them from had a rather gnarly and weird access and I missed it, and ended up on the freeway exit there instead. Bah.

It was a quick visit, less than an hour, and I headed home around noon, taking the Ca-150 east through the Ojai Valley and then down to Santa Paula.

The CA-126 was busy, but the I-5 North was crazy with trucks and traffic.  I finally realized that it was truckers and holiday traffic starting early for the coming Labor Day weekend. 

Ugghhh.  I remember commuting up the Martinez in that mess, back in the day, many times.

Home mid-afternoon, place was cool and the cats happy to see me, but not ecstatic.

A beautiful red Mars in the evening sky, and even a faintly visible Milky Way.  With the fire and smog haze and even high clouds I hadn't seen the Milky Way for quite a while. I could make out all of Scorpio and Sagittarius as well.

Tuesday 28 August 2018
Tuesday - OTR. Nice 70-80 degree weather down in Ventura.

Time and I went out and did a few fixture audits in Thousand Oaks, complete with pictures, then went back to the office and generated some official reports.  No surprises, we show that the District is getting a serious under count right now, and they'll need to generate a game plan to fix the issue.  Tim has a meeting on Wednesday with the various people involved.

I returned to the boat around 8pm, and decided to stay another night, I can leave tomorrow.

No foot or ankle issues, despite just wearing tennis shoes for the audit, so I think I'll try starting up my walks again when I get back to Antelope Acres.

Monday 27 August  2018
Monday - Nice still, in the 90's in Lancaster.

Did some work on the app, talked to S a bit about it.

Cleaned and did some wash.  Backed up the app and my photographs for this year to DVD.

Packed up again for the trip down to Ventura.

Left around 8:30, arrived about 10.00pm.  Boat looks fine, though very dirty on the outside.  There was a flashing coming from inside the cabin when I walked up.  I think Dave had visited the boat and used the flashlight.  It has a strobe mode that comes on when the press the "OFF" switch while in standard flashlight mode, so you have to press the switch twice to make sure it's actually off.

The interesting question is when?  I think he said that he visited the boat on the 4th of July, but that was six weeks ago! LEDs don't pull much power, and it's a flash about every two seconds, but still...

Sunday 26 August 2018
Sunday - Nice.  Did some shopping in the morning, didn't do much in the afternoon other than read and watch teevee.

K&J have found an apartment near Balboa Park in San Diego.  They can't move in until the first of the month, but are going to do AirBnB until then. I think Kirk reports aboard the New Orleans this coming week.

I had picked up a little bit of Carne Asada again, this time from Albertson's, and handed it to Aaron when I saw him briefly after returning.  He also helped me take down the remnants of the awning in back - though 'remnants' is harsh, really the canvas just failed at the stitches (the stitches are fine).

Went by in the evening for dinner, then we watched a couple of episodes of 'Person of Interest'.  It's good, but the lead character isn't as nearly as riveting as Raymond Reddington.

Picture of the Week

Schooner Forester
My brother send me this, an old picture of the schooner Forester tied up in Martinez. It
looks like the #2 mast has lost it's top hamper over the side.
I personally just remember it as a burned out hulk, pier long gone,
only vaguely recalling the fire in 1975.

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