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WEEK 35 2016

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Saturday 27 August 2016
Saturday - Yard sales in the morning. I picked up a laptop case for the mostly unused Windows 10 machine, and that was about it.

Napped the afternoon away (still a bit exhausted from Friday's overly hot long walk I guess), then did some light app work in the evening, mostly just setting up a punch list of stuff I need to do. I was going to go over and show it to S, but she was off at the fair again - looking at goats I understand.

I was invited, but was still kind of dragging...

I had a little project in mind for typists with disabilities, and thought I had a little Arduino in a box of electronics someone had given to me a while back. It turned out that it was a small HD teevee, a circa 2010 Ampd model.  I plugged it into the Roku and it worked. I have no great use for it, it's screen is not much larger than a laptop's, but was mildly amused. It has a vast number of inputs for some reason, RGB, Composite, USB, HDMI, S-video and who knows what else. Even coaxial.

Somewhere I have an old wireless Roku, I suppose I could set it up in the living room or bedroom if I so desired.

Friday 26 August 2016
Friday - Moderately hot. 100F or so.

I took a long walk in the morning, about 7.5 miles, and was pretty tuckered out on return. But the foot was OK.

I 'finished' the last game level in the late afternoon - there are still things that need to be done, and some stuff I have questions on, but it's 99% done, and I need to trot it by S and get her opinion on things.

There's a huge punch list, including the big memory leak somewhere, but it's probably 95% done overall. Yay me.

Thursday 25 August 2016
Thursday - Middlin' hot.

Just grinding away on the app, trying to get that last level's logic straightened out.

A book I'd ordered some time ago, a used textbook, finally arrived. I was getting ready to report the seller to Amazon, it'd been about a month. When I looked at the shipping label it made more sense: it was from England.  A three dollar book and four dollars postage. I remember seeing that the best copy, "excellent", was from overseas and deciding to pass. Obviously I forgot and ordered from there anyways.  Oh well, no harm done.

I decided against taking the C++ course. It's expensive, time consuming, and so on.

Book #38 was The Alien Way, by Gordon Dickson. This was an old paperback off my shelves, circa 1973.

When coding I'd guessed at a method argument type rather than look it up, and got lucky: it worked.  I chuckled to myself "The Random Factor is in my favor", and then in the evening decided to go read the book where that phrase is used.

While a bit "60-ish" the book is interesting in that it portrays the aliens as alien, i.e., not acting like people in alien suits. The protagonist human is desperately trying to get across the idea to his superiors that their assumptions are wrong, but has a lot of trouble.  Eventually he enlists the aid of one of the aliens, who for his own differing alien incentives, helps.

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Wednesday - Hot.

Did a six mile walk in the morning. It was unpleasant: hot, smokey, and rather humid - but my feet held up pretty well. They were sore, but that's to be expected after months of light exercise.

Got the logic for level=10 mostly working, and the display elements (placeholders, anyway) working. I need to tie them together, then the level will be essentially done!

Talked to Dave a bit about our forthcoming Sierra hike.  Like me he's been battling foot issues, but seems to be on the mend. He says that bear vaults are a must, so I need to see about buying or renting one for myself.

Tuesday 23 August 2016
Tuesday - Hot.

Ballard was diving on the wreck of the USS Independence CVL-22, scuttled off of San Francisco, after being used as a test ship for two atomic blasts. They were streaming the dive live and my brother B called and told me about it. Neat stuff. It was surprising how well she held together, after wartime service, two atomic bombs, being sunk and sitting there for 70 years!

I had it on for a couple of hours in the morning, but it was distracting me from the app work so I eventually turned off the iPad.

Working away on app things.

Monday 22 August  2016
Monday - Hot again.

Did a five mile walk in the morning.  I'd planned on 3.5, but things were going well, no pain, so I upped the mileage. No problems.

Started a new level, the last, for the app.  There are still a lot of punch list items for earlier levels, but I wanted to strike while all the scoring algorithms stuff was still in my head.

Went to the county fair in the evening.  There were some thunderstorms threatening, and we could see rain in the distance, but the sun set before the weather reached us, and it dissipated.

S entered in the candy competition, but failed to place for the first time in years.  She'd done a non-chocolate caramel, and despite being excellent it wasn't memorable enough to the judges.  Hard to compete with chocolates!

We walked around a bit at looked at exhibits, had some food, but I was just beat after the morning walk and working all day, so I was happy to go home at 11pm!

Sunday 21 August 2016
Sunday - Hot.  In the low 100's.

I did some chores around the house and yard - in particular mowing, edging, weed whacking.  The cutouts for the sprinkler heads were really covered up - I miss having a teen-aged boy to do these chores!

There was laundry and dished to do as well.

I also did a bit more house sitting - my friends didn't arrive home until mid-evening so I did the morning and evening dog feeding and medicating stuff.

Too hot to do anything outside in the afternoon, so just stayed inside and did some reading. It was tempting to work on the computer, but it's best not too.

Picture of the Week

more rusty old stuff
Detail of old tractor at Casa de Fruita.

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