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WEEK 35 2009

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Saturday 29 August 2009
Saturday - well, the trip down to San Diego (Vista actually) went well. I left after 7:00pm and there were only a couple of slowdowns on the 405. After arrival we sat around, had a couple glasses of wine, then hit the sack for an early morning.

In the morning we headed down to Mission Bay, arriving about 8:30. There were already a significant number of people there, but we staked out a place near the usual spot and set up the awnings and volleyball nets, and even a croquet course. People began arriving about 10:00am, and there was a good sized crowd there all day, with a number of smaller children - to keep the adults active.

There was a rented jet ski, and that kept busy all day, the Hobbs meter recording over six hours of continuous duty.

Despite fears of heat - inland it was 100+ - on the bay it stayed reasonable, probably in the low 80's, thanks to a nice breeze. Smoke haze from forest fires, high up, probably helped with the temperature. Silver linings and all that...

An excellent outing!

Friday 28 August 2009

Friday -  a full days work,  then off to San Diego.

On the way down I finished Book #50, The Thirteen Gun Salute by Patrick O'Brian.  I mentioned last week that I thought perhaps I had not read this far into the series - this is book #13 in the series, but a certain portion of it came back to me. The French are trying to get a treaty with a Malaysian king, to operate against the British East Indiamen.Two English traitors, Ledward and Ray, old enemies of Stephen Maturin and Jack Aubrey, are helping them. Maturin outfoxes them and the British get a favorable  treaty. The French abandon their English allies, and Maturin eventually kills them.

Then he takes them to a friends house - a naturalist - and dissects them.

Thursday 27 August 2009

Thursday - My friend Tim is having a barbecue this weekend, down at Crown Point in San Diego, so that sounds like fun. With a bad back I think I can avoid having to play basketball, much to everyone's relief ;-)

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Wednesday - work.

I was talking to a chemist about some soil samples sent in for a laboratory analysis. It's interesting. There are specific values for contaminants, parts per million or billion, and the EPA sets very specific tests and protocols that a lab must follow. There is the test, the results, and then runs with surrogates to make sure that they aren't false positives. There are tests that you do on solids, then if they don't pass you do a test with agitation in liquids. Pretty elaborate stuff...

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Tuesday -  back at work. From the high 90's in Lancaster to the 70's in Ventura.

 Monday 24 August 2009

Monday - took another day off.

Book #49 was a bit heavier, John Derbyshire's Prime Obsession. This is an excellent book, about Riemann's Hypothesis, a mathematical puzzle that has now eluded solution for about 150 years. I need to read it again, to get a better feel for what the last few chapters were really about.

Sunday 23 August_2009

Sunday - still a bit stiff, but recovering.

Since yard work, housework, and much that involves ambulatory motion was not a big item I read a couple of books over the weekend.

First there were a couple of old fantasy books by Robert Asprin, Book #47: Another Fine Myth and its' sequel, Book #48, Myth Conceptions. These are lightweight fantasy, fun, probably last read about the time of purchase, 1988.

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old fire truck siren, Hearst Castle visitors center

Photo Notes: Old Fire Truck Siren, Hearst Castle, July 2009

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