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WEEK 36 2009

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Saturday 5 September 2009
Saturday - well, the barbecue is officially canceled, so just hanging about the house.

Somebody gave me a kitten. A neighbor came to my door and said "This kitten was starving under a trailer in our back yard. We're leaving for Missouri and if you don't want it we'll drop it at the pound". Being a sucker I took it.

It was super friendly, obviously people acclimated. Orange & white, and silly and lovable as only a kitten can be. It ate and ate, then slept and slept, in between climbing on me.

Riley is beside himself, of course, hissing and spitting. Phoebe is less upset, but keeping his distance. The kitten just wants to play, of course!

I've enjoyed the company, but put up signs on the mailboxes in the neighborhood, hopefully somebody will come claim him before Tuesday!



Friday 4 September 2009

Friday -  worked about a half day, then headed up to Lancaster. In theory there is to be a barbecue at my brother's place in Palmdale, in practice it looks as though he is coming down with the flu and that others can't make it. Well, let us hope for the best. Ventura has been hot and humid, Lancaster looks to be just hot this weekend.

The forest fires continue, though they seem to be making ground on containment.

The other Scalzi book is The Sagan Diary, and is indeed a book with Jane Sagan as the protagonist, but is really just a novelette, 100pp. I'll see if the local library has it, or another of his books, Agent to the Stars.

Phoebe eating a french fry.
Here is Phoebe, eating a french fry. I threw him one as a lark,
then used the cell phone to take a picture of him eating a second.
I stopped there, suspecting that french fries are not good for cats!

Thursday 3 September 2009

Thursday - Mt. Wilson has been spared, it seems Good news. There are neat animations, or rather, time-lapse shots, of the Station Fire posted at YouTube:

From Century City, by J. Reynolds

From Mullholland Drive
, by Willieworks.

There are more, but you get the idea. They call the smoke bursting upwards pyro-cumulus. And the sense of scale, particularly in full screen, is amazing - those clouds of smoke dwarf the mountains!

Book #51 is Zoe's Tale, by John Scalzi. This is essentially last years The Last Colony, but retold from the perspective of a teenage girl. Interesting, though I find the whole evil Colonial Union thing an unlikely future history. Apparently there is a book, The Sagan Diaries, that I haven't seen yet. Zoe, the protagonist of Zoe's Tale here, is the adopted son of John Perry of Old Mans War and The Last Colony, and Jane Sagan would be her adopted mother.

There is a recent interview with John Scalzi, over at Instapundit. It's here - warning, annoying intrusive leadins.

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Wednesday - In other fire news, it seems that the JRM Mars water bombers are not all retired, and some are in Southern California as we speak! Awesome. I wonder where they are based out of? I'd love to get a picture!

Update: Inciweb also states there are DC-10 and 747 water bombers in play...

It's a bit smoky in Ventura/Camarillo, but not horrible. The waxing moon was an interesting copper shade in the evening.

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Tuesday -  working. Warm in Camarillo, but not horrible.

The fires are threatening Mt. Wilson Observatory, and a lot of the antenna farms up on the ridge. That is a beautiful ridge to hike along - big old pines shading a trail right along the top, with a spectacular view to the south. Hopefully some of the tree's - along with the observatory - will survive.

JPL released the picture at the bottom of the page - spectacular. The smoke plume apparently makes it way all the way to Las Vegas, and you can clearly see it covering the east end of the dry lake at Edwards AFB (where I used to work), well to the north of the San Gabriels and San Angeles.

 Monday 31 August 2009

Monday - back to work.

It is pretty smoky, the fires in the San Gabriels are getting worse it seems.

Sunday 30 August_2009

Sunday - headed back to Ventura, mid-day. It was hot in socal according to the car thermometer, 109F in Reseda!

Apparently there are sailing excursions in San Diego. None on Sunday, but apparently both the Californian and the America have little sails one can go on. That would be neat, though they appear somewhat crowded on deck. Still, it would be neat to watch the operation of  a full sized bark and schooner - I wonder if they do tacks and jibes or just put the sails up for show?

Picture of the Week
So Cal "station fire" via JPL pic

Photo NotesSouthern California fires satellite image, September 2009

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