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WEEK 35 2017

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Saturday 2 September  2017
Saturday - Hot and humid.  Did some yard chores before it got too ugly.

I guess the brothers figured out that I was getting pretty angry, and sent me some info. I'll let the sale go forward for now I guess.  Still pretty steamed.

Friday 1 September 2017
Friday - My friends are off to SF for the long weekend, wedding planning with the daughter.  I'm watching their place until Tuesday.

Got a note from my brother that the house in Martinez is going on sale soon, for a lot less than I expected, and with essentially NO fluffing of the house. No paint, no new carpet, no yard repairs in the back, etc.  When I asked for specifics he actually got snippy with me.

I am about an inch from canceling my agreement to sell.  They can f**king take me to court.

Thursday 31 August 2017
Thursday - Hot.

84F in my office.  The internet went out around noon, so I just knocked off and did some reading on 'Swift'.  I want to download and install a certain 'Framework', but it's in Swift and I kind of want to see what's in it before including it in my own app.

There was also a notice in the mail from SCE stating that there is a power outage scheduled for Labor Day morning, 7am to 1pm.  Nice.

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Wednesday - I was looking at real estate, found a nice rural home in Idaho.  Out of my financial range, really.  I don't really want a big multistory home....

Tuesday 29 August 2017
Tuesday -
Monday  28 August 2017
Monday - Trying to be productive...
Sunday 27 August 2017
Sunday - I mostly took the day off, feeling pretty tired.  Letting the hands rest.

My friends went off to the Taeko drum festival. I guess it was pretty hot, and they were diverted onto strange side streets and the garment district (ugh), but overall they had a good time.

I don't think I mentioned it, but S was involved in a neighborhood lock-down in her office, stuck there for hours while officers searched for an armed robber.  She called me, and I couldn't find *anything* on so-called local media - radio and TV are run out of LA now I guess.  I found a live-stream purporting to be the sheriff's, but there was, again, only stuff from the valley and downtown.

Late in the evening, 9-ish, they let everyone leave.

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eclipse path
North of Rigsby, south of Rexburg -  our camp!

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