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WEEK 37 2010

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Saturday 18 September 2010
Saturday - keeping busy doing errands about the house, joining some friends for a late lunch down at the Antelope Valley Mall.

I had intended to go out star gazing and camping at a local park- Jupiter is very bright and large in the evening sky & I planned to take the Celestron 8 out - but something I ate disagreed with me :-(

Friday 17 September 2010
Friday - a Christmas present from me to some friend's son was a glider ride. Because of various activities (Eagle Scout and Jamboree stuff) he couldn't use it until now.

So I went with them out to the glider port, and we watched him sail away into the blue. It was hard for his dad and myself to shut up - as aerospace engineer's we are full of useless information and idea's that an adventure like his inspires.

At any event, it went well, and he had a good 45 minutes up there with the instructor, and apparently he really enjoyed it!

K's glider ride sept 2010
Getting ready for flight!

Thursday 16 September 2010

Thursday - Put in a full days work - about 11 hours, only a few of which are billable, then headed back to Lancaster. Beautiful weather, I'd like to stay and do some sailing, but I've an errand tomorrow-

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Wednesday - Feeling better, back to work in Ventura. The client's target has moved again, but my own boss was there, and hopefully has put a stop to that nonsense.

Tuesday 14 September 2010
Tuesday - not well, but put in 8 hours of coding, sitting with an ice pack on my head to keep the headache manageable. Bah.

Monday 13 September 2010

Monday - not well.

Sunday 12 September_2010

Sunday - still not well.

There is some weirdness in last week's html code, I'm not sure what is up. I'll have to re-edit to get things straight. NVU/Kompozer has issues with leaving piles of code detritus in the source - it's been years, nobody has fixed it.

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Photo Notes: The fountain in front of the Martinez City Hall.

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