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WEEK 41 2006

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Saturday 14 October 2006

Saturday - looks like the neighbor is going dirt mud biking today. Odd.

Ann Althouse learns that it's not smart to fly if you can drive the distance in less that six hours. I particularly like this snippet of comment:

"When you're flying, you should be wearing shoes that would permit you to run comfortably."

Been there and done that, although it was Denver rather than Chicago. Haven't flown in four years at least.

I didn't take any pictures sailing last weekend. I had the waterproof camera along but was too busy to use it. I haven't had this boat out before, and it was my friends' first time at a tiller. There were a lot of lines and sheets to be sorted, helming and tacking to be explained. I did make a brief phone call to my Dad.

The boat tacks well, at sea,  passing right through the wind, even with just a little bit of way on.

I'd like to be down there sailing this weekend, but there is a lot of work to catch up on here.

Friday 13 October 2006

Friday - worked late, came home, started some laundry and did some reading. I did catch the second episode of this years Battlestar Galactica - I'll have to watch the first episode some time this weekend.

There was a lot of noise outside, but then it is a Friday. It started to rain and the teeney boppers finally went away.

Yes, rain. It's started already. I blame:  GLOBAL WARMING.

A Kinematic Whiteboard. Amazing. I suspect people think engineering and physics is done like this currently. It's not. [Via Slashdot].

Somewhat related anecdote: I had Pro/E installed on my computer today (Dryden has a site license). The installer (a design engineer at Dryden) commented that in his opinion it was the best design tool out there - but suffered from "a steep learning curve". Something more to fill my empty days at work...

Friday cat blogging: Phoebe

Thursday 12 October  2006

Thursday - got called into a CEV meeting. Seems like some testing is to be done here at Dryden, and so I've got to get on the stick about starting some test plans... More work. The test was on, then it was off, now its on again.

So it goes.

Wednesday 11 October 2006

Wednesday - working.

Tuesday 10 October 2006

Tuesday - back at work. Most project people were off at meetings, which gave me a chance to do "real" work.

 Monday 9 October 2006

Monday - Columbus Day, a holiday for me. I got in a bit of sailing - after loading up on diesel fuel, 15 gallons of it. My cockpit gauge isn't very accurate - that is supposedly 3/4 tank, but so it goes. I am learning a bit about maneuvering a heavy full keel boat in a marina. The thing to do is to go dead slow, especially when trying to come into a dock or slip. I imagine it would be even more difficult in wind and/or current, but Channel Islands harbor is placid.

Too placid this weekend - even outside the breakwater there wasn't much wind. Still it gave me a chance to shake out the sails and get some of the lines back where they belong.

Sunday 8 October 2006

Sunday - went down to visit with my friends. We hung out, did some computer work, and did get to the 'pump out' station. It wasn't as hard or as disgusting as I thought it would be, and we took the opportunity to do a lot of flushing of the system.

I won't inflict details on you.

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a marmot, outside of horse shoe meadow

Photo Notes: A marmot?

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