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WEEK 42 2005

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Saturday 22 October 2005

Saturday - on the road. Heading back to Lancaster - people to meet, cats to greet. I've borrowed 1776 from Dad, so I have something to listen to on the road.

Friday 21 October 2005

Friday - Book #41 would be Benjamin Franklin: An American Life. This was a great book to listen to (audio CD's) on the drive. It makes the Boston of Franklin's youth, and the circumstances surrounding much of the rest of his life much more accessible. I hadn't realized just how successful Franklin was - he was a titan of industry, a political mover and shaker, and, on occasion, a great empirical scientist.

Thursday 20 October  2005

Thursday - the firmware on my sister's router was old, circa 2003, so I upgraded it. That fixed things, so that she now had WPA between her laptop and the access point. I wrote down the pertinent information - password to the router, SSID, key, and pasted it to the router for her.

I thought of hacking into the neighbor's, and changing things around, so that they would have to secure things, but didn't. Their problems are their own.

Wednesday 19 October 2005

Wednesday - Stupid Cardinals. My Dad and I have a 25 cent bet on games. So far I'm ahead in the NL, rooting for the Astro's, but he's ahead in the AL, rooting for the Black Sox. So we've traded the same quarter back and forth half a dozen times...

Tuesday 18 October 2005

Tuesday -  Book #40 is Robert Lee Graham's Dove. It's another sailing book, this one being Graham's story of sailing alone around the world in the 1960's. It's one of the most famous stories, having been serialized in the National Geographic. I remember those issues, just barely, and perhaps it started my own interest in the subject.

That said, I didn't enjoy this book much. Amazon reviewers give it four and a half stars, I'd personally give it two, two and a half. There is little to be learned about sailing, or the psychology of sailing, or anything except a teenagers inner life. Which just isn't that interesting to me.

I had forgotten that there were two Dove's, the 24 foot "Dove" being beaten up and rotten after the South Africa rounding, where it was then replaced by a 32 footer, "Big Dove".

I thought I'd remembered him getting religion, married, and moving to Alaska at the end of the story - actually it was Montana. I've also heard that he wrote a book about that, but Amazon doesn't show anything.

Monday 17 October 2005

Monday - I did set up my Dad's wireless to be WPA the other day - and I brought up my sisters laptop, and it connects up just fine. So it's the router/WAP at her place that has issues. I'll have to download the manual for it from Linksys, and see if there is an option I'm missing.

Sunday 16 October 2005

Sunday - staying at my sisters, I'm having trouble with her wireless access point (WAP). It's an old 802.11b, and there is no security turned on at all. No WPA, no WEP, not even MAC filtering. Ugh.

There are two-three other networks in range, none of which have their security turned on either.

Her laptop, that I'm borrowing, is a nice new Toshiba, with a cool "sonar" like display of nearby networks. However when I turn on encryption I lose contact with the router and have to reset it, and the laptop. Very annoying. Is it the laptop of the WAP?

I'm cat sitting, and get concerned when it comes time to leave and I don't have a cat head count. I've found that fresh tuna brings the shy cat out of hiding, every time...

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