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WEEK 47 2018

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Saturday 24  November  2018
Saturday - Another nice-ish winters day.

I had lunch with R & S, then tried to do some shopping.  I'd actually ordered K's birthday present beforehand, but it arrived today - too late to give to him.  I gave it to his mother, who is sending him a whole package of stuff, it should arrive in a few days.

Home Depot had both aisles that I needed to visit closed off for restocking.  In the middle of the day.  I did look at fire alarms, but the gas/CO alarms are so expensive, and the lines so long, that I didn't actually buy one.

I went over to Walmart to pick up a couple of items...and they didn't have them.  Weird.  And very busy, this being the weekend after Thanksgiving and all the sales still going on.

So I went home and did some wash and chores for the rest of the day.  I guess I can order stuff online.

Dinner was a nice roast that I'd bought a few days ago, and that AH cooked.  It took a while because he did a "reverse searing" thing, but it was delicious. Now I'm stuffed again! Roast, potatoes, veggies, and of course, pumpkin pie for desert!

Friday 23 November 2018
Friday - Ok weather.

Feeling extremely full after Thanksgiving!

There was a nice moonrise showing through some clouds in the evening.

I didn't mention that K showed up yesterday for turkey.  We talked a bit about his duties in the USN, and how he liked San Diego.  It sounds like life is going well.

He stayed for a bit, even after his parents had left, chatting and watching tevee (Galaxy Quest) with us: eventually his mom called wanting to know where he was and warning him that it was getting dark out...  He may be a college graduate engineer, married, and a lieutenant in the Navy, but he'll always be his mom's little boy :-)

Thursday 22 November 2018
Thursday - Thanksgiving Day!

Rain overnight, broken clouds and sun in the morning.

The fire areas received enough to put the fires out, I think.  Here in the 'Acres it was just sprinkles, starting after midnight.  Well, it will clear the air and help with the dust.

I was invited over to the H's for thanksgiving.  I'd bought a turkey, but I think it was used as a snackin' practice turkey earlier, with todays big bird being a Foster Farms additive free item.  My host cooked it perfectly, and we had all the fixings and pies anyone could possibly want, as well.

I went home a bit early - 8pm - because I'd forgotten my Zantac and Tums, and my stomach was getting upset. I took my medicine and sat upright for an hour or two, and things were OK.

The cats were glad to see me - they are becoming used to my being around all day: memories of the days of disappearing for a week or two at a time are fading away....

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Wednesday - Warm in the morning, blustery in the afternoon.

There was a front predicted to bring a little rain to the valley, so I decided to do some more preventative priming.

I scraped, sanded and primed the vertical wooden trim at the the north-east and north-west corners of the house.  This paint was mostly gone, and it was fairly easy to get the remainder off.  I had already caulked a few weeks back, so I didn't have to wait for that to dry. I'm not sure what the wood was - not pine like the rest of the house, it being fine grained and showing little porosity.  Sanding with 80 grit should have given enough texture for the Valspar priming to hold, I hope.

As I worked I could see a front coming in from the west, covering the blue sky.  As I finished painting, an hour or two after lunch, the first few gusts of wind started up.  But it wasn't strong enough for saltation, and the paint was dry to the touch by sundown.

The people in the fire zones in north and south California have been praying for rain, I'm sure they're happy it has arrived finally!

Tuesday 20 November 2018
Tuesday - A nice fall day.

I went into town to do some banking, that went OK, although the new bank is a lot slower at things than Chase.

When I came out the Explorer wouldn't start.  It acted like it was out of gas.  I wandered around for a bit, looking for an auto parts store.  This particular shopping center is apparently the only one in Lancaster that doesn't have one...  I was going to walk a mile to another, but decided to try the car one more time.  And it started just fine.  Someone suggested it might be a bad gas gauge (remember my running out of gas on the 4th of July?) but filling up at a gas station showed that it was correct, with a good 5-6 gallons still in the tank.

It started OK at the gas station (I had chosen a pump where I could push the vehicle out of the way into a parking spot, if necessary) and I drove home.  It started several times there, and a friend and I did a check of fuel pressure and vacuum.  As far as we can tell it's all fine.

Still, it's probably time, soon,  for a new-to-me vehicle.

Monday 19 November 2018
Monday - Cool morning, low 60's and some clouds.

I scraped, sanded and primed the wooden trim under the eaves on the south side of the house, and the southeast corner trim.  Rain is predicted for midweek, and there was essentially no paint on these areas.  The soffits can wait.

I had caulked these a few weeks ago, and noticed that the caulk had shrunk.  Researching it I now find that the silicone caulk does not stick to itself well!  Grrr.  I wish one of the people recommending "Alex painters caulk" to me had mentioned that!  I'll try adding more anyway.

Did loads of laundry all day, being just about out of clean socks.

The Monday night game was remarkable, Kansas City versus the Rams, with both teams scoring more than 50 points. 

Sunday 18 November 2018
Sunday - Cool in the morning - nice in the afternoon. 

I had car trouble last week, so a fair amount of shopping in the morning. I didn't actually get everything home and unloaded until after 11am.

I had plans to do stuff in the afternoon, but basically just napped and took it easy, pretty tired again.  It was actually a long week.

A few weeks ago the constellation of Orion was hard to see in the early evening, only halfway visible above the horizon, belt hanging vertically.  Now it's easy to see, when smoke and clouds aren't in the way.

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october moonrise
Full Moon, October, 2018.

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