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WEEK 48 2006

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Saturday 2 December 2006

Saturday - went down and did a little work on the boat, and helped a friend move a bit of gravel for a planter. It seemed like a long day.

Robert Bruce Thomson has some thoughts on the adoption of Microsoft Vista, and the future of Windows:

I don't have any inside information, but I'd be willing to bet that Microsoft is already planning for the death of Windows as we know it. It's pretty clear that Vista will be the last major monolithic Microsoft OS. Microsoft spent five years and many billions of dollars doing Vista, and that just isn't going to happen again. Instead, I predict that Microsoft will take the Apple approach by coding a Windows GUI to run on BSD UNIX. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that they already have such a project underway.

I think I was saying the same, to people at work, last week...

Friday 1 December 2006

Friday -  it's hard to believe that it is December already. Insane.

Jay Manifold, over at Voyage to Arcturus, has some more thoughts on the Antikythera Mechanism, and modern science and technology.

Did you know that there is now Thursday Night Football? Weird. But maybe I'll get to see the 'Niners more often...

Thursday 30 November  2006

Thursday - a bad day. How bad? Let's just say that 'Muskrat Love' played on the car radio, on the way home, and it wasn't the worst part of the day.

OK, maybe it was.

Book #49 was James Madison, by Garry Willis. It wasn't a particularly well written book, but it was, fortunately, short. Madison is famous for his part in writing the Federalist and other documents. He was a rather bad president however - the fourth to hold that office, after Washington, Adams, and Jefferson. I have no idea of how he became president, or of the election campaign, or anything else. The book is, in fact, almost useless as a biography. I have no idea of how it received four stars at Amazon. Weird.

One of his lesser achievements: he forced Britain into the war of 1812, and then ran the war rather incompetently.

There is a flight tomorrow. Bed time....

Wednesday 29 November 2006

Wednesday - not quite as busy.

Tuesday 28 November 2006

Tuesday - busy, very very busy.

 Monday 27 November 2006

Monday - sometimes I forget whether I fed the fish. Tonight, for instance. I need one of those daily pill box things - I could put the goldfish food in it. I don't want to starve them, but if you overfeed goldfish they apparently explode or something.

I've already got one obese cat, I don't need obese fish.

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, via Sheila. She does go on and on, but this was amusing. Heh. I went to a JC concert here in the AV a few years back, and embarrassed some friends by shouting out "California LOVES you John". Too much beer? My date (from Rhode Island) thought it was funny though. Apparently I have a soul mate somewhere in Rhode Island:

Jean was out on the deck of the bar and this girl came out there with her - obviously a JC fan. She had long straight hair, she was rather fat, and she was wearing a gold puffy vest. She stood on the deck staring out at the dark ocean, the bobbing seagulls, the crashing waves ... transfixed ... Jean was doing her own thing, maybe talking with Pat, whatever, but Gold Vest was having her own private experience. Suddenly, she shouted, to herself, "I LOVE THIS SHIT." Shouting at the ocean. By herself. In the Rhode Island accent. With the puffy gold vest. "I LOVE THIS SHIT." We loved Gold Vest. We kept an eye out for her all night.

And she links to some ski masks from Hell...

Sunday 26 November 2006

Sunday - Dad and I had 50 cents riding on the Chargers/Raiders game. Heh. I won, but on such a ridiculous call by the officials that I almost feel bad about it. An incomplete forward pass indeed...

Almost. The moneys' mine.

Picture of the Week
The "rock" in morro bay, Morro Rock

Photo Notes: Morro Rock and smaller lumps.

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