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Saturday 22 December 2012
Saturday - It was cold in the morning - the overnight low was 10F, which matches the low from a couple of decades ago. It was 13F yesterday morning, which was another record. Not exactly Global Warming.

Though of course GW's mostly being downplayed now, with the emphasis on Global Climate Disruption and Global Weather Extremes. There isn't any statistical basis for those, just as there is none for Global Warming, but I guess that people like to talk about the weather, and the various researchers feeding at the money trough being continually  refilled by the government and the NGO's aren't going to let a little thing like reality get in their way...

Not much going on. Sent a couple of bills out, returned some books to the library, etc. Pretty quiet, really. Pretty much everyone I know is sick or out of town, so it's just me and the cat. My friend S always said I'd turn into my Dad, living alone and with my social interaction limited to a phone call once in a while - guess I'm almost there ;-)

Windy and cold - there is a storm predicted to blow into the area in the next few days. If we get a lot of rain I'll probably head down and check on the boat, the vast amounts of dirt in the air from the construction continually clog the drain lines in my lazarette.

I'd thought I'd get more work done over Christmas, but I'm feeling fairly uninspired, so mostly it's just TV and reading.

I did finally defragment the disk on the old Vaio. Things seem a little snappier now. I also removed some of the programs from STARTUP that I didn't want to see - MS Messenger, various old backup software packages, etc. There also was a little suite of programs for my old (long gone) Zen MP3 player, and it caused the most difficulty. I removed the program, and the removal program in turn installed some new nagware into STARTUP trying to get me to reinstall it.

And, oh yes, Apple wanted to update my QuickTime player. I happend to read through the update boilerplate language and discovered that if I did it would break my existing QuickTime Pro license, that I'd paid for. Scum.

Abuse by software developers is nothing new, but my tolerance for this stuff is declining. Commercial stuff is provided by companies with the morals of psychopaths, and the free stuff is hardly worth it.

Book #94 was The Sorceress of Darshiva, and Book #95 was The Seeress of Kell, both by David Eddings. These end  Edding's Malloreon, which is the sequel (and not as good as) the Belgariad.

Friday 21 December 2012
Friday - Went over and picked up the ham at Costco - that store already busy by 10:15am. Quite a bit more than the other day at the same time. I had a bit of a scare when I went in and the hams were gone. It tuns out that they just moved them to another location...


Thursday 20 December 2012

Thursday - Out doing a bit of shopping, gifts for children of my friends mostly. And some stocking stuffers for adults. I'm a lousy shopper, I generally just wander around for hours until inspiration (or boredom) makes me buy something. So, Trader Joe's, Barnes & Noble, Staples, Costco, Lowe's, Sports Chalet and Best Buy all got a visit. And nothing grabbed my imagination at all, in the gifts-for-others department.

I didn't see any hams at Trader Joe's, so I guess it's Costco.

There was temptation for me in the form of a display of Win7 laptops in Staples, open-box and display items, but it really wasn't all that hard to restrain myself. I don't need one, really, so why waste $500?

I talked to the salesman about the Nook HD+ tablet - to my surprise it won't run stuff from the Google Play store, despite being Android based, but just stuff from the Barnes & Noble app store, which is a lot more limited selection. Pretty stupid move on B&N's part.

Book #93 was Demon Lord of Karanda, by Dave Eddings. Which is a sequel to ....

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Wednesday  - eh. Doing a bit of work on this and that.

My friends boy returned the old XP desktop I'd given him years ago. He has a nice Alienware laptop that he loves, and hadn't even turned the desktop on in years. And it shows - apparently the graphics card, an old Verto AGP unit, is shot. I hear it booting, but after a brief initial Windows logo there isn't anything displayed. Ah well. Maybe I'll use the Windows license for a virtual PC on the little Mac laptop.

Or I could build myself a desktop system with a PCI-e slot, and get one of the modern PCI-e 3X cards and do a bit of parallel processing - the GFX or RADEON cards sound neat. The Radeons don't sell in the numbers that the GeForce units do, and don't get the hype, and the software isn't well put together at the Cuda stuff; but (and this is a big but!) the manufacturer doesn't deliberately break the double precision capability of their cards in order to force engineers and scientists to pay 5X for the same card with an enabled DP capability.

Or I could try to find a cheap AGP or standard PCI card somewhere and use the existing box as my new windows desktop....

Tuesday 18 December 2012
Tuesday - Not much going on. A bit depressed at not seeing the relatives, but so it goes. My friend's here will have me over despite not bringing my family, and I'm going to bring the ham for Xmas eve. Costco reportedly has some nice ones - since I'm not heading down to Ventura there won't be a Honey-baked ham. Talking to another customer at CostCo they suggested checking in at Trader Joe's for their hams, so I'll try that, before buying.

Book #92 was King of the Murgos, by David Eddings. The sequel to #91, which is turn was a sequel to #90...

Monday 17 December 2012
Monday - Well, no visit from K and family this year. There were some things that came up, and it's just too bad. I was really starting to look forward to seeing everyone at Christmas, but it can't be helped.

Sunday  16 December 2012
Sunday - A fairly busy day, doing this and that.

I didn't do much TV watching, no 49'ers football being televised around here. Continuing with the cleaning and organizing for my sister's visit next week.

Book #91 was Guardians of the West, by David Eddings.

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havasupai waterfall
Photo Notes: Havasupai waterfall.

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