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WEEK 52 2017

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Sunday 31 December 2017
Sunday-  New Years Eve!

Still in the old RV, but I'm well and healthy, and will (eventually) move into the new place.

The old house closed on the 27th, so I'm mostly done with that, and should be a check in a few days.

My friends up here in the valley have had me over for the holidays, it's good to be remembered this time of year.....

Well, obviously I didn't make 50 books this year.  There are a probably a few more, but it's not worth worrying over.  All I can say is that I was very busy for the last couple of months, and that's just the way it goes..

Books, 2017

Books and Riley

#1 Game Programming Patterns
#2 Babylon's Ashes
#3 Daughter of Danger
#4 Bill the Vampire (Tome of bill #1)
#5 Scary Dead Things (Tome of Bill #2)
#6 The Mourning Woods (Tome of Bill #3)
#7 Holier Than Thou (Tome of Bill #4)
#8 Goddamned Freaky Monsters (Tome of Bill #5)
#9 was Half a Prayer (Tome of Bill #6).
#10 was The Wicked Dead (Tome of Bill #7)
#11 was The Last Coven (Tome of Bill #8)
At the Sign of Triumph (Safehold #9)
#13 More Joel On Software
#14 The Hanging Tree (ROL #4)
#15 Shadow of Victory
#16 Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge
#17 Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners
#18 The Cruiser
#19 Tipping Point
#20 Onslaught
#21 Live and Let Bite
#22 No Gods, only Daimons
#23 was 
City of Corpses (The Dark Avengers Sidekick #2),
#24 was 
To Honor You Call Us (Man of War Book #1)
#25 was 
For Honor We Stand (Man of War Book #2)
#26 Brother in Valor (Man of War Book #3)
#27 Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders (PZ #1)
#28 Romulus Buckle and the Engines of War (PZ #2)
#29 Romulus Buckle and The Luminiferus Ether (PZ #3)
#30 Exoplanets
#31 The Bible Repairman
#32 Young Man's War
#33 Good To the Last Drop
#34 A Throne of Bones
#35 A Sea Of Skulls
#36 Tithe To Tartarus
#37 Assault on Zanzibar: Book Four of the Westerly Gales Saga
#38 Rebel Fleet (Rebel Fleet Series Book 1)
#39 Orion Fleet (Rebel Fleet Series Book 2)
#40 How to Buy a House in California

#41 Ride The Rising Tide (The Maxwell Saga Book 2)
#42 The Awful Truth About Forgetting (Books of Unexpected Enlightenment Book 4)

[Sorry about the formatting, btw.  Blue Griffon is getting weird about things. Can't change fonts, can't change cell background colors, etc., etc]]

No books really stand out this year.  Many were journeyman efforts, not bad, but nothing really grabbed me.

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Saturday 30 December  2017
Saturday - Very busy with house selling / buying / rehabbing.  Light posting until the end of the year...

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Monday 25 December  2017
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Sunday 24 December 2017
Sunday - Christmas Eve!


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West Valley sunflowers

Some Sunflowers (Black-eyed Susans?) in the west valley.

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