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WEEK 8 2017

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Saturday 25 February 2017
Saturday - Went to yard sales with friends.  Picked up a pair of unused jeans for $1.

Lunch was at Speedy Joe's in Palmdale.  We always laughed when we went by it on our way to other restaurants, but mentioned it to someone and they said "No, actually it's pretty good!".  And it was pretty OK. Decent taste, decent portions.  Kind of basic decor, but, eh, whatever.

Watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children in the evening.  It was OK, and followed the book fairly reasonably closely.  The children's various powers weren't well displayed for the non-main-characters which puzzled some of the other people watching, but there's only so much you can do in a movie.  I envisioned things differently with respect to characters appearance and the 'Home' itself, but that's OK.

Book #5 was Scary Dead Things (Tome of Bill #2), by Rick Gualtieri..  It's an amusing story.  Bill is, in theory, a vampire coven leader, but in fact it's his second in command that really runs things.  Since he still has his day job it works out for him, but then there's this prophecy and things start getting weird(er)...

Friday 24 February 2017
Friday - A nice day.  Worked on the app a bit.  Talked to S, we need to get together and finalize what we need to each do for the upcoming Beta release.  Switches and trinary phrases are, if you've been following this blow, kicking my butt, but it's just a matter of time before it's down.

Had to go ask the neighbor across the street to turn down his car stereo again.  Exactly the same story as the last few times: "I was just adjusting the new system".  At about 1000 watts.  He got kind of snarky about it, claimed I was the only one in the neighborhood who cared, started swearing.  I pretty much kept my cool, and walked away, and he turned it down, but I'm pretty tired of it all.

Book #3 was Daughter of Danger, by John C. Wright.  This is a novel set in the Swan Knight's Son world, not bad.

Book #4 was Bill the Vampire (Tome of bill #1), by Rick Gualtieri.  Not bad.  Bill, a nerd game programmer is killed by vampires, as a joke since they mean to kill him again, but manages to survive and more-or-less prosper. 

Thursday 23 February 2017
Thursday - Nice weather.  Went for a nice long walk.

Working away on app stuff. 

Ran into another of Apple's invisible walls - turns out that you (technically) can't assign a gesture recognizer to the elements of an NSMutableArray.  Ahhhh... I was pretty upset when after an hour or two of checking for my own errors I discovered that this, the simple and straight forward way to do things, was not allowed, for some mysterious reason.  Of course one can manually assign the GR to multiple objects, everyone does it, it's just the nice clean array passed in from from an object that is exempt.  Kind of negates the entire effin purpose of objects, eh?

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Wednesday - One thing I mentioned to Dr. G the other day was that the low end CAD programs now did 3D.  I did some research.

And I was right, they do, except that they deliberately don't include the basic 3D file formats one uses to interchange data,  IGES, STEP, OBJ.  It's reserved for the $1,000+ programs.

Tuesday  21 February 2017
Tuesday - Working away on the app and STARS stuff.  And tax preparation...

Monday 20 February 2017
Monday - Didn't do much.
Sunday  19 February  2017
Sunday - Shopping.

I finished the current "Expanse" novel, so Book #2 is Babylon's Ashes, by James Corey.  Not bad.  I felt the last was a bit slow, but this moved right along.  The final Boss is finally killed, but now we have a hint as to what happened to the aliens that built the stargate...other hungry aliens living in hyperspace, who are still around.

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an old shack
An old groundskeepers shed, at a private school on the west side.

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