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WEEK 10 2012

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Saturday 10 March 2012
Saturday - In the morning I acted as chauffeur, taking a friends son to lifeguard training. Actually I let him drive - he has a permit now, and he did a good job. Better than many of the drivers we met along the way. Heh. Then I hit the yard sales with his parents, and after picking him back up near lunch we all ended up at Fire Island Grill for lunch.

Book #33 was Programming in Objective-C, by Stephen G. Kochan. It was a good book, covering the language of Objective-C in a fairly straightforward way. The author's goal, as he described it, was to teach the language as if to a newbie. I think a newbie would have a hard time with it, but I also think that it was a good idea not to focus so much on the C and C++ links and to teach it as language of it's own. What it didn't go into, in much depth, was the graphics and visual parts of the interface, Cocoa Touch and the UI classes. And, I think, that's fair enough for one text.

Friday 9 March 2012
Friday - Took a nice long walk in the gorgeous weather, then went in for my tax appointment in the afternoon. Despite trying to get the quarterly taxes closer I overpaid and am still getting money back. Well, that's cool, I guess, but it means I overpaid and lent Uncle Sam a bunch of money at zero interest!

Grinding my way through the last few chapters of the Objective-C text now. I think I need a bit of  fingers on the keyboard  to get some of this stuff. I mean, if you understand C and pointers and structures and memory reference, then you understand what the object stuff is doing under the table, but it's a bit dense to take it all in at once. Happily the applications I intend to start with are pretty simple.

Fooling around a bit with the streaming stuff via the Vizio app on the TV - Crunchyroll is a site that streams Japanese and Korean stuff, kind of interesting. They didn't have the particular anime I was looking for, but do carry a lot of other stuff. Japanese and Korean soap opera's, mostly, I think...

Thursday 8 March 2012

Thursday - So, I was looking through the archives today, using the links up on top. Almost the ten year anniversary for the blog. Lots of good memories, and some sad ones too.

A year ago, in February, I was visiting my friend Tim down in San Diego, and we went down to Shelter Island. I took a couple of shots of boats on the water using the cell phone, and used one as this week's Picture of the Week, in 2011.

Glancing at it I just realized: that the tall ship in with the North Island Hangars in the background is the Schooner America replica, based just north of there.

Hah! Awesome!

Schooner America, San Diego, Ca.
The Schooner America.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Wednesday  - not too much going on. Sunny but cool, and even a bit windy on occasion, though not the wind storm of earlier in the week.

Cleaning things up a bit after tax preparation - I tend to pile stuff on the floor as I sort through it.

Read another hundred pages of the Objective-C text, another day or two and I'll be done. Then comes the hard part: actually putting some of the book 'larnin to work.

I see they announced the Ipad3. It has much more screen resolution, and apparently a face tracking camera on the screen side, which might be useful for therapy type programs. But not all that big a deal, right now.

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Tuesday - The storm, which was just high winds here in Lancaster, finally arrived. Gusting into the 40's near my place, up to the 60's at some places in the AV. The big impact on me was that it excited the cat, and he would not nap, and kept pestering me while I assembled tax stuff.

Which is pretty much assembled now, yay.

Not much going on here besides that.

Book #32 was Scholar, by L.E. Modesitt. This is a prequel to his Imager series, and is generic Modesitt. Library book.

I posted a few weeks back on the drawing (water color?) of an ancient wooden "line of battle" ship being used as late as 1905 as a tender in Britain:


She was still there, as late as WWII, where she was being used as a submarine tender!

HMS Exmouth
HMS Exmouth at Scapa Flo, with submarine HMS Tuna alongside. (Note the barrage balloons!)

She was a steam/screw auxiliary, built in the 1840's, later used as a school ship & tender. Wikipedia incorrectly has her being broken up in 1905, but it's pretty clear that she was around for a while longer.

Below is a picture (drawing?) of the lead ship of her class in 1854, the HMS Albion (she was sail power only!), being towed through the Straits of Bosporus after being damaged in the Siege of Sevastopol. When you compare the hull shapes it's pretty certain the the hulk in WWII is the same. The stern gallery of the painting of the vessel in 1905 looks a bit different - three levels & more curvature - so I'm not as confident about that.

HMS Albion
HMS Albion. (via Wikipedia)

Monday 5 March 2012

Monday - Taxes. Bah. I took some friends out to lunch, at the Korean BBQ, just to get out of the house...

I'd much rather be advancing my future by studying, but taxes have to be done.

The predicted storm did not arrive. Mild overcast, and warm.

Sunday 4 March 2012

Sunday - Pretty weather, again. But another storm is predicted for early this week, again.

Not much going on, actually. Messing about with preparations for my tax appointment next week.

Book #31 was #13 in the Garrett PI series, Gilded Latten Bones. Similar to the others, though with some changes. Cook is letting Garrett grow up a bit, and making some changes.

Picture of the Week
A mornig in the channel islands harbor
Photo Notes: Another Channel Islands Harbor morning, 2012.

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