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WEEK 12 2015

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Saturday 21 March 2015
Saturday - Beautiful weather.

This was the 13th anniversary of the blog, started in 2002.

Off to yard sales in the morning. I didn't buy much, but apart from going to class and lab it's about the only outside interaction I get these days. What with one thing and another I didn't get back home until about 3:00 in the afternoon, at which point I just fell asleep.

I should have mowed the lawns again, but...

Friday 20 March 2015
Friday - Another nice day.

Not much to say, after a relatively slack week last week I'm back to coding. I fixed a bug yesterday, but today there's another one, the graphical prompts not updating.... Frustrating, but that's how it goes.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Thursday - A beautiful spring day, about 70F.

I took the opportunity to take a nice walk, a bit over 5 miles. My legs are a bit sore, but the Achilles isn't hurting much, which is great. This is the third 5 mile hike, I've spaced them about a week apart, but I think I can go to twice weekly now.

While out working I kept hearing jets, but not seeing them. Finally, at the west end of my walk, 52nd Street, there was an open field and a view to the North and West. Where it became clear that it was the Air Force 'Thunderbirds' practicing at Fox Field. They were (generally) so low as to be below the mountain tops as seen from my location a few miles south.

Checking online, there is an air show at Fox this weekend. I tried to go once, and the crowds were so great that I gave up. But maybe I'll head out to Fox with my camera for a bit tomorrow.

Not much else to say. I emailed my siblings to let them know I wasn't going to visit next week.

Other than that, it was just a work day. I spent it beating the REPLAY and NEXT options into submission. I discovered a bug mid-day and didn't figure it out until after 6pm. Sigh. My mistake. The bug patch means I probably need to rethink some code internals. But that's the biz...

Anyway, it's actually a major step forward. But, "God willing and the crick don't rise", by the end of next week V3 should be more or less where V2 was a month ago, i.e., ready for artwork and change orders...

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Wednesday - Warm, but cloudy. There are flash flood watches out, because of rain in the mountains, but nothing damp occurred in Lancaster.

Did a bunch of chores, dishes, laundry, etc. I guess I'm feeling better.

Put in a couple of hours at the computer lab with Sheryl. We tried to grab lunch there, but they decided to have a job fair ... in the Cafeteria. Seriously, how screwed up is that?

Did a bit more work at home on the class assignment - 120 frames of impact stuff and motion stuff with multiple layers, which really means drawing 250 or 360 or 480 frames. Bah. Still, the pen and new RAM makes it easier.

Rolling thunder in early evening. I disconnected the computer from the power, the monitor, and the USB hub, all of which were plugged into the wall. But there were no nearby lightning strikes.

R & S are driving Kirk to Corvallis themselves. I passed, since four is more than company, and the current plan is just non-stop driving to get there Seventeen hours in the back of the van would be fairly arduous. Well, he's the last fledgling, they'll be empty nester's after, so it's a good chance for them to spend some family time together.

I'll watch the dogs while they are gone.

Tuesday  17 March 2015
Tuesday - Another nice day. A bit cloudy.

Did some household chores and worked on the app all afternoon.

Ran into the same problem - overlapping animations stepping on each other. Sigh. I think it's a case of context grabbing: an animation grabs the context at it's start, and then modifies it. Which is fine, except that I'm trying to start two animations, one now, and one in five seconds, using the 'delay' option on the second animation. But the second animation apparently  right away immediately grabs the context, rather than waiting 5 seconds and grabbing the context then, so it would start from the wrong place in 5 seconds.

The answer seems to be to create a single localized animation module, which is do-able but a pain.

Monday  16 March 2015
Monday - A nice day.

Off to class at noon with S. My animation was, again, in the pack, probably in the top 25%. Not that it was that great, but a lot of the students did pretty much the minimum. S, sadly, didn't bring hers, so she'll turn it in next week, late.

Pretty tired in the evening, but did some app stuff.

Sunday 15 March 2015
Sunday - Another nice day. Didn't actually do much, kind of tired.

Worked on homework for school, most of the rest of the Wile E. Coyote tracing. It's a blurry original. I don"t know if it's Chuck Jone's style or just a bad screen grab, and I'm not sure whether to put in detail that I think is there, but can't really see. Eh, just turning anything in 'finished' will get me a C, which is all I care about (because I need a C to go on to the 3D animation class we'll probably do next).

R said he may be able to drive Kirk to Oregon, in which case I'm not really needed. Though I could still tag along, just for the heck of it. The person I was going to travel on to visit in Idaho is out of state that weekend, so that part of the plan is shot down already.

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Off Anacapa in a near calm
Photo Notes: Off Anacapa in a near calm, 2008.

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