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WEEK 13 2015

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Saturday 28 March 2015
Saturday - Hot. Probably 90F+ in my neighborhood.

Hot enough that I turned on water to the swamp cooler and ran that in the afternoon. It's the old pads, and the "bad" swamp cooler with low flow, but it was enough to deal with heat in the low 90's.

The new turtle tank was the day's project. I filled it, added gravel, emptied it, refilled it, tested the lights, added conditioner, put a heater in to bring it up to temperature, and generally arranged things to my liking. This took several hours. I'll probably put Mr. Turtle in tomorrow.

It was warm at my friend's when I came by early-evening. I opened the doors and let a breeze blow through, even put a fan from the boy's room in the front doorway to aid things. Fed dogs, fed fish, made sure cats had water, cleared their litter box, watered plants in front, house, and back. S left some lasagna in the fridge for me, and I snagged a beer out of R's collection.

I think they are back tomorrow night sometime.

Friday 27 March 2015
Friday - Very warm.

Not much going on. Ran some errands, did a few small chores. Hands are better, but not really up to much.

I took a good walk, 6.1 miles, and the heel felt OK afterwards. A walk this long actually gives me some leg muscle tiredness, which is good.

The phone is acting up again, claiming that it's down to 12MB on the internal memory. Apparently 2.7GB (of the 4GB total) is being used by "Miscellaneous", but the file browser doesn't show more than 300-400MB there. Possibly some sort of hidden log file? I'm not sure what to do - root it to fix it? Most apps will no longer function in the memory that's left.

Thursday 26 March 2015

Thursday - It's warming up more. Probably in the 80's.

Fortunately it's cool enough at night that running a fan to bring the night air in, then closing up the house when it starts to get warm, 9-10:00am, keeps the house fairly cool all day. Simply closing the blinds with the white side facing out helps a LOT.

I did a bit of work on homework, but my hands are too swollen from yesterday to do much, not even light work.

BTW, I mentioned a while back that something was acting up on the Windows side? Here's a screen shot of Win7 hogging the RAM. It stays this way for over an hour sometimes. Googling it, there are various suggestions - it may be some sort of program pre-fetch issue going on. Still, no system process should need this much RAM, and if it does it should surrender it the moment a user process needs the RAM. Instead the entire bootcamp partition is unusable while it happens and I can hear it thrashing the disk head (which can't be good for the laptop) - and it happens every week.


Wednesday 25 March 2015

Wednesday - Warm and sunny. No winds.

My friends are off to Corvallis, to start their son for the spring semester at Oregon State. It sounds like the drive went well enough.

Mowed, edged, weed-whacked front and back. My hands were completely trashed by the effort, I couldn't type at all afterwards.

I visited their place in the evening, fed dogs and fish, watched my Korean soaps on Netflix (after rebooting their router). Also watered some seedlings in flats on the front porch, they looked rather heat stricken...

Tuesday  24 March 2015
Tuesday - Another nice day. The winds are present, but not as bad.

Working on an app problem. I think it's one animation stepping on another, though they shouldn't, they animate as separate objects. It's a puzzle, as always.

solstice sunset
Equinox Sunset.

Monday  23 March 2015
Monday - Windy enough, still, that we drove over to the college. Class was fun - we learned a bit about the 'motion tween' option, and the various cousins, and sound effects. Another 150 frames of homework though...

I sort of screwed up the project in the morning. I decided to add a colored background, which started a whole avalanche of other needed changes to the animation. So it wasn't really 'done' when I turned it in, but turning it in a week late would cause a 1 grade drop that would negate any real grade improvement by 'finishing'. The instructor didn't seem too worried about it. A substantial portion of the class is behind, and getting further behind by the week - not a situation you want to be in mid-semester.

Sunday 22 March 2015
Sunday - Another nice day. But windy - by the afternoon probably in the mid 20mph range, and gusting higher.

Worked on homework for school,  wherein I destroy Stonehenge. Well, that was the concept I came up with, but it took a lot longer than I thought. It's been a long time since I did much drawing, and I'm still battling with the Flash interface....

I borrowed S's rug cleaner. The temperature is OK, but with these winds I can't open the doors and windows to let things dry out, so I'm waiting for a calmer day...

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Off Anacapa in a near calm
Photo Notes: Off Anacapa in a near calm, 2008.

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