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WEEK 14 2015

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Saturday 4 April March 2015
Saturday - Nice weather again.

I did the six miles walk with no major problems, late morning, Both big toes were sore later though - I'd guess it's these boots being more flexible, but if my feet can adjust I'd prefer to use them over the old Merrill's. We'll see.

I met up with R&S for lunch, she said I looked kind of 'melty'. Is that even a word?

R&S say that apparently Kirk is settling in fine at college, likes his professors and is negotiating to get all his General Ed units transferred. The dorm is apparently OK, and he's found the on-campus used stuff store a useful source of inexpensive gear - desk lamps, umbrella's, small fridges, etc.

Friday 3 April 2015
Friday - Good Friday.

Nice weather.

Working on things. I've modified some stuff, so I'm getting errors from a portion of the code that had been working properly...sigh. But it's getting there.

It's very quiet out during the day - road noise is much reduced. Easter break for most of the elementary schools in town. AVC is out next week.

Mom passed on Good Friday, 1998. Hard to believe it's been that long already, 17 years.

Thursday 2 April 2015

Thursday - Another nice day.

S stopped by, with the coffee. That instant was pretty horrible... We had to go down to Palmdale to deal with taxes...

Not much else going on. Working on the app, fixed a bug. found more.

Speaking of which, my phone fixed itself at some point in the last few days. It now has hundreds of megabytes of free internal storage rather than 12MB. My guess: there was a really big hidden system log file, cleared automatically on the 1st if the month.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Wednesday - Nice, with intermittent winds. High enough to damage a neighbor's roll-up door, buckling the upper panel. Odd, usually it's the lower, because it has the least external support.

I took a short walk, three miles maybe, since I had to run some errands at the branch bank anyway. No feet problems.

Apparently while I was out in back, having lunch, C stopped by and dropped off some oranges. She's often a cat sitter, so has a key, and let herself in. I called and thanked her and she said she'd knocked and phoned and didn't get  response. I left my cell phone upstairs in the office I think.

Tuesday  31 March 2015
Tuesday - Cooler than yesterday. Our winds are kicking up though - 30mph gusting to 50mph....

I'm out of coffee. I called S and she said she did pick some up at Costco, and it's in a bag by her front door, but she's sick and I didn't want to intrude, so... Instant coffee, with honey, since I'm also out of sugar. Old, old, old instant, metallic tasting and, when I looked close, kind of fuzzy crystals. Ugh.

Not much going on. Worked on the app a bit, but was a bit tired and didn't really get much done.

Monday  30 March 2015
Monday - Another nice day. Another a/c day too.

I could have walked to class, but the cuticle on my (good) right foot big toe was inflamed and leaking fluids, so I drove. I snagged Kirk's parking pass since he's gone away to Oregon State now.

BTW, I didn't even notice the toe issue until the cats started taking turns sniffing and licking it, bless their hearts.

S called, said she was feeling under the weather and not going to class. I added the last tween and the sounds to my project.

I went, and since my h/w was done it stood out!

About half the class 'passed' on turning it in until next time (and losing one grade score), and a surprising  number of the turned in projects weren't complete, i.e. none or not enough of the specified tweens and sounds. Since we were using 'tweens' this was actually a pretty easy assignment, the s/w is doing a lot of the animation for you, and the sounds were just grabbed from free websites on the net.

The lecture was about sub-animations attached to 'symbols', new 'scenes' and a few other miscellaneous things. There was no homework assigned for this as next week is Easter Break, and we have a mid-term written and practical on Flash when we return, and then start in on learning the basics of After Effects.

Hmmm. I wonder how many students who 'passed' were gaming the system, knowing they'd be getting three weeks to finish? Well, I can't blame them too much - maybe their other midterms are a b***h, and you do what you gotta.

Which reminds me, I was talking as we were packing up our tablets at the end of the class to the student next to me. I happened to ask how many lab hours she'd racked up at the class's midpoint and she got a blank look and said "We have required lab?"

Well, there's still time. I saw her in line at the lab as I left...

Book #14 (read last week when it was too painful to type or work in the yard) was How To Build a Tin Canoe: Confessions of an Old Salt, by Robb White. Very amusing, recommended. All about growing up in the south in the 50's and getting boat sailing/builder's disease. A virulent case...

I'll have to see if the LA library system has any of his other books.

Apparently his sister Bailey also writes, and is a hoot.

Mr. Turtle, aka 'Stumpy', is in his new tank and seems happy.

Sunday 29 March 2015
Sunday - Another hot day, running the swamp cooler in the afternoon and evening.

Worked on homework for school,  where we were supposed to use the automated "tween" functions in Flash, and some sounds. I got five of the six tweens drawn and in, but the sound needs to wait until tomorrow. It's a dock scene, with a ship, buoy and fisherman.

I am just about out of coffee. S bought some for me at Costco, so I'll have to pick it up tomorrow when we go to class...

I 'finished' Book #12, Working God's Mischief, by Glen Cook. Eh. I say 'finished' because it was really skimming towards the end, because the characters are well drawn but unlikable, and the politics and history of his imaginary world depressing and already familiar to me.

Which reminds me, I also read Book #13, Small Town Heroes, by Marion Harmon a while back and forgot to mention it. The 4th in the 'Wearing the Cape' series, and well done. These would actually be good reading for someone with a teen-aged daughter.

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Off Anacapa in a near calm
Photo Notes: Off Anacapa in a near calm, 2008.

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