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WEEK 12 2016

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Saturday 19 March  2016
Saturday - Yard sales in the morning, lunch at the new Japanese place, not bad.

It was warm: I'd planned to mow the back yard, but just napped instead, and did some other household chores.

I had to text friends and relatives and tell that that my road trip was postponed for a few weeks. Too much to do here, and I hadn't put Easter and "no cheap rentals available" and "heavy traffic" together in my brain.

It's raining and snowing in the pacific northwest, so it's probably better I guess.

Friday 18 March 2016
Friday - Another warm day, in the 80's.

The Xcode install to the USB drive aborted overnight about 90% through. Of course this turned into a huge PITA. The installer dmg file turned out to be incomplete on the desktop, and the app store refused to re-download it, thinking it was already downloaded. Apparently it leaves a secret cookie somewhere on the system. I spent an hour or two trying to find and delete the old version, without luck despite several Stack Overthrow thread suggestions. Finally I just downloaded the Beta version of the code instead of the current, and installed that. It's just a USB drive after all.

But, I have to say, a very slow one. I brought up the Console, and there are all sorts of timing-out messages being thrown. I'd researched the flash drive on my phone in the store before buying and it was reported to be of decent speed, but further research found a site that tested it and found it to be almost 10X slower than a Sandisk unit for writes.

Stuff still isn't working just yet, but it's becoming clearer. In a backwards sort of way. For one thing: a bunch of stuff that was working Wednesday no longer works: the certificates expired Thursday. A horrible maze-like process in the first place and snakebit would be a short description of this week's experience.

Sheryl's vandalism
Encouragement left on my office white board.

Thursday 17 March 2016
Thursday - Another nice day, but my foot hurts still, so no walk. I need to go to urgent care or the doctor I guess. Urgent care is probably quicker and cheaper, but I don't trust them.

I did mow and edge and weedwhack the front lawn in the afternoon, while the PC was grinding away on install tasks.

Grinding away on the App provisioning thing. I went to Walmart to get a USB drive, couldn't get anyone to wait on me and open the cabinet, and so went across the street to Staples and paid $4 more for 128GB, $39.

The afternoon was spent formatting it, installing El Capitan and Xcode. In fact this download and install was still going on at 6:00pm when I knocked off. It's a pretty slow process.

Vacuumed the house during the slow times. The kitten's were not happy.

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Wednesday - Another nice day. Warm, in fact.

I used the blower to cool the house overnight (55F downstairs in the morning), but it's in the 80's outside and the high 70's in the office inside, by later afternoon.

I'm looking at Testflight, for beta testing the app, and...OMG. I'd blanked the memory of Apple's insane process for app delivery out of my mind, but now I have to redo the whole thing from scratch for Task Mechanic, not just me as an individual.

Let me put it this way: I'm reading Matt Neuburg's iOS 9 book. He's written six or seven books on this stuff and he feels compelled to interject, in the provisioning chapter: "...Really, I'm not kidding..." at one point.

Sigh. People do it, so it can be done, but what a PITA.

The keychain and provisioning seems so messed up on the desktop that I might just get a USB flash drive and boot a clean copy of El Capitan and Xcode from it. I can't really tell what's going on, with my old individual license and the early non-corporate TM accounts messing up the current stuff.

Brown rice for dinner. I put in more water, because that's what all the cooking directions say, but it came out far too mushy. I put in about 2.75 cups instead of the 2.00 for white rice, next time I'll try 2.50 or 2.25.

My brother emailed to say he'd finally sold the old Coronado 25. We bought it in 1996 or 1997 I think, and kept it in Richmond for years. He had it in Glen Cove, Benecia, but just wasn't sailing it. It was time. A young guy, in his 20's, bought it for $1,000, which is a good price. Good luck to him.

Tuesday 15 March 2016
Tuesday - A nice day. I took a nice walk in the morning, but failed to wear the good socks - the foot infection was very painful afterwards.

Working on the app. Kind of. Actually just doing boatloads of associated corporate stuff, credit cards, domains, etc. Bah.

Monday  14 March 2016
Monday - It is Pi day. God is good: we live in a cosmos where the Pi never runs out...

Sunday 13 March   2016
Sunday - Spent the day not actually doing much, resting the hands. They are already better, I caught stuff in time, I guess.

The apricot tree is in full bloom, the peach and pear-apple tree's are done blooming and starting to leaf out. The apple tree, as usual, has not even started to bud.

I received a promotional thing from Dropbox, proudly stating they were partnering with Adobe on something or the other. Yikes. Time to remove them from the desktop!

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Mules vs people
Hikers are second class citizens at the Grand Canyon.

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