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WEEK 20 2005

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Saturday 21 May 2005

Saturday - I had volunteered to go with someone to Bakersfield, so it was up early and out the door by 5:30. I was home by mid afternoon, but tired.

I did take the opportunity to drive a bit around Tehachapi, since we were near there. It's nice - still very much springtime there, since the altitude, about 4,000 feet, means that the season lags a bit. I've toyed with the idea of buying a little property up there, and it was interesting to see what was around. Like Lancaster, and, I suppose, all of Southern California, it is undergoing a building boom.

Friday 20 May 2005

Friday - a busy day. I did a bunch of code stuff, and still running a bunch of CFD jobs. In the evening - tutored someone in math. Tomorrow I have to be out of town in the morning, back in the afternoon.

Phoebe eating grass
Phoebe, grazing on the backyard grass.

Thursday 19 May  2005

Thursday - after a series of emails, my server site is working again. Hopefully it will robustly last out another three years. What was wrong, I wonder? Perhaps it is best not to know.

It was warm today - 90F. So I messed around a bit with the swamp cooler - it's working well now. The water was coming out the overflow valve constantly, so I had to tweak the float on the inlet line. It seems OK now.

Working away on things here. Running three CFD jobs right now. I bought a Belkin 4 port switch a while back, so I have two boxes on one terminal+keyboard+mouse; and the other older PC on my old 17" Viewsonic. I could put all three on the switch, and move the old 2.4Ghz box further from me, and certainly it would be a quieter environment for me, but then what would I do with the extra monitor? In addition the CD and DVD and USB ports would then be around the corner, out of reach. Also the PC speaker wires would be too short to give me a good stereo effect.

Truth to be told: I don't actually use the PC speakers that much. And I could certainly get a USB extension. And really, how often do I use the CD and DVDs?

Wednesday 18 May 2005

Wednesday - down at UCLA, talking with some professors. Scary traffic, good Indian food.

Tuesday 17 May 2005

Tuesday - lots of work. Too busy to post, even if posting works. The person I asked for help, at the server site, doesn't seem inspired. Told me to log on via the control panel and check stuff myself. Ok. I can do that. It's almost certainly a permissions problem on the root directory, but maybe I can check that myself.

Monday 16 May 2005

Monday - upload problems?

Sunday 15 May 2005

Sunday - upload problems.

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Photo Notes: Camels or Dromedaries? At the San Diego Zoo.

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