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WEEK 21 2015

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Saturday 23 May 2015
Saturday - Did all the bed linens and such, before T & family arrived mid-day. Also did some quick shopping for a few items, burgers, hotdogs, chips, soda. It wasn't clear what would happen this weekend, so I wanted to be prepared for a BBQ at my place if needed. If not it means I have lunch fixings for most of June....

Friday 22 May 2015
Friday - Working with G. Got the rest of the pavers in, and the end restraint done.

Then we emptied the house of furniture and steam cleaned the rugs, finally. It was windy, but reasonably so, and reasonably warm as well. Thursday was brisk and would not have worked out...

Since his family was going out of town on vacation he left about 4pm.

We loaded up the old (broken) lawn tractor into his truck, he'd taken the (broken) mower deck and little trailer earlier in the week. I managed to find the official manual for the tractor that I'd bought some time ago, and some spare parts and gave him those as well. It's nice to reclaim space in that side yard.

Afterwards I sat outside with the furniture on the patio for a couple of hours, removing the cat hairs and enjoying the sun. At sunset I dragged everything back in, then took a long hot shower. All-in-all a long but productive week (except for the app)!

carpet cleaning

Thursday 21 May 2015

Thursday - Working with G. Got the base done, and started on the sand and pavers. Short on quantities there, too. The guide I was using was just plain wrong, stating that the I pattern used 25% square and 75% rectangular pavers. It is, in fact, more like 50:50. Sheesh. Anyway, we got a lot done.


Wednesday 20 May 2015

Wednesday - Working away on various things.

Cleaned up some more. Things were in disarray I guess...

Tuesday  19 May 2015
Tuesday - Working with G again. We got the rest of the base in. I was way short on quantities, so we had to make a run to get more. G was drooping with tiredness after a full 8 hours of tamping stuff down.

Cleaned the master bedroom, mostly. Vacuumed most of the upstairs.

Monday 18 May 2015
Monday - No yard work, as everyone has class.

The weather is odd. Cool and windy, blustery then warm. Well, so it goes.

Cleaned the upstairs library out. That took hours. Also cleaned the master bath.

Sunday 17 May 2015
Sunday - Another nice day. I did a number of things, including more work in the side yard.

Mostly this was putting down, and compacting, base for the new paver area. His dad and brother volunteered to take away the giant pile of dirt he'd dug out, there's just nowhere to put it right now.

I did some stuff around the house, cleaning, since I've company this coming weekend

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paver excavation

The excavation.

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