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WEEK 22 2015

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Saturday 30  May 2015
Saturday - Another nice day, bordering on 'hot'. I did a bit of yard work, finishing the east wall drip system in the morning, and adding a missing line in the tomato beds. The peaches are starting to colorize, I'll need to tent the tree soon. The tomato plants are finally starting to grow. Perhaps it's the warmth.

Lunch with S and R, then home and working on AE for the rest of the day.

My throat was feeling scratchy in the evening - R mentioned feeling a bit under the weather earlier in the week, so i hope I'm not coming down with something.

Friday 29 May 2015
Friday - Nice and warm. I turned on the swamp cooler again, though I have yet to put new pads in. For temps in the 80's it works OK.

I'm reviewing After Effects, for the test on Monday. I've forgotten a lot, but am working through the 'Classroom in  book' text from Adobe. Since I continually bash Adobe here I should say the CIAB series is extremely well done, recommended. And the ancient CS5 versions are very cheap these days.

Thursday 28 May 2015

Thursday - Warming up. I've the swamp cooler going already, though it needs new pads....

S called, said she'd bought a new wifi enabled color printer, and that HP's bloatware was giving her fits. I went over and got it going with just the standard Windows print/scan options, which should work for what she uses it for.

Book #27 was Monster Hunter Legion (Monster Hunter International #4), by Larry Correia. Fun. This time we follow an adventure of a fellow monster hunter, who also happens to be one of the rare people that can manage the urges of being a were-wolf.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Wednesday - Working away on various things. Mostly assembling stuff for the class final project in the morning.

S and I went over to lab when it opened. She wanted to finish up her project, since she'd started with AE CC she had to use the modern version they have there, rather than the CS5 version we have at home. The same was true for me, except I haven't started the final project, and had to finish the hw for class due before that.

Tuesday  26 May 2015
Tuesday - Working around the house, picking things up. It's actually in great shape right now, cleaner and more orderly than it's been for a while, but there's laundry, taking out the garbage (the truck didn't come), changing the water in the turtle tank, going to the library to pick up some interlibrary loan stuff.

I also bought an external drive, 3TB, to use with Time Machine on the Mac. The lack of a regular backup has been bothering me for a while, and I really want to reinstall Yosemite on the main system - some minor issues suggest that Parallels didn't completely uninstall. So I need a bare metal reinstall, at which point I can put Win7 back in a bootcamp partition.

In order to practice I reinstalled, from a bootable flash drive image, Lion on the Mac Mini. Then partitioned it for bootcamp (25GB) and put Win7 64bit on it, then some Adobe stuff that I don't want on my main machine. It seems to work OK, so I'll go ahead with the MacBook Pro when I've some time.

Right now I need to finish the class final project...

Monday 25 May 2015
Monday - Memorial Day. I can't think of anyone in my immediate family that died in war.

But 'lesser' damage, yes. I had a great uncle in Maine that had shell shock, as they called it then (the Spanish American War or WW1 I suppose). I never met him, I think he was a cousin of my grandfather or something, but my father mentioned how shocked he was as a boy in the 1930's when his uncle suddenly lost control of his bowels in front of him.

Another, on the maternal side, who also passed before I met him, was married to an aunt, I don't think he was quite as bad, by WW2 counseling was a bit better than in WW1, but he apparently had issues.

Today we call it PTSD.

The weather is beautiful. Sadly Tim and his family had to head home, as did Chuck. It seemed very quiet and empty after they left.

Sunday 24 May 2015
Sunday - Another nice day.

We did a few things, then went up to Tehachapi to walk around the old town, and visit with a friend for a BBQ in the late afternoon. M is a lifetime USAF officer, then a US gov't civil servant - at 47 years of service he seems more than ready to hang it up! Eventually, within a couple of years, he plans to move to Washington state, leaving California in the dust.

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The pavers in place, mostly done.

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