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WEEK 25 2013

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Saturday 22 June 2013
Saturday - Spent the day wrestling with various mapping issues. The drawings we were giver were partial, and done in Autocad, but to put them on the mapper we need shape files. Autocad is exporting them in some state plane, when we want WGS-84. Eventually we got it, but it involved me drawing stuff at, literally, midnight. I think I send the final files at 12:09am. Seriously, 12 phone calls and 35 texts and emails to get things working. Fortunately I happened to have the mapper here in Lancaster and could test out the shape files that we were generating.

I had intended to spend the day cleaning up around the house, putting up a net for the peaches, and so on. I did get some netting up, but it's hard to do with a big tree and no helper!

The peaches are ripening early this year - we will probably have a bunch to take to the beach with us next week. Often they ripen over the week of the 4th and I don't get many fresh from the tree.
Friday 21 June 2013
Friday - Getting ready to head down to Ventura tomorrow. I was going to go down this evening, but things are running a bit behind in the field map generation process, so we'll probably start on Sunday morning.

My friends are going down to San Diego this weekend. I was invited, but can't really turn down paying work. I've been training up someone to use the Mobile Mapper CE, but he's probably not quite there yet. My fault, as my teaching style is very Columbo-ish" "Oh yeah, just one more thing..."

Thursday 20 June 2013

Thursday - Got a call from the boss, we've the go-ahead to do some field investigation down in a remote portion of Thousand Oaks. So we are thinking of doing it this weekend, so as to free up a few days early in the week for office work, and then freeing up everyone for a Fourth of July vacation. I'd done a bit of work on this early in the year, January or February, but since the contract was late in arriving hadn't done anything since. 

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Wednesday  - Worked on the front flower bed in the morning. Lots of grass and jasmine invading the area. Trimmed all that back, and generally cleaned things up. I still need to trim back the rosemary and put up the rose trellis that blew down in the wind.

Speaking of wind: it was predicted to start gusting again, and it did, later than predicted but howling away by mid- evening.

Other than four hours in the morning I worked on the app, most of the day. In fact I didn't knock off until about 8:30, pretty tired. But I got a lot done, and have some ideas on how to proceed with the rest.

Tuesday  18 June 2013
Tuesday - Again, demolition project stuff, then worked on the app all day - and made progress.  iOS is so rococo that you really need a significant stretch of time to work on it.

Monday  17 June 2012
Monday - Spent some time in the morning going over stuff for the demolition project. Just when you think things are done another little issue pops up. Ah well, I guess it all pays...

Worked a bit on the tomato trellis stuff. Cut another joist, using the first as a template, and it looked terrible. The blade that came with the saw was so small and weak that it bent and made a truly lousy cut, despite the saw having a guide. I actually trimmed the template a bit too, since it was a bit thicker at the ends than the originals. They don't have to match perfectly - and I refuse to stand on a ladder to remove ten or twelve bolts to get an original down - but they need to be reasonable.

I went over to Lowe's, and picked up some new blades (no tool U-shanks), which will hopefully work a lot better; and some roll pins for my friends mother's pool cover.

I was too late getting my tomato cages up in the east bed, so I just have some mesh around the outside, and some stakes, and am tying stuff to that.

Did a bit of work on the app, but not as much as I hoped.

Book #26 was Howl's Moving Castle, by Diane Wynne Jones. I saw the movie a while back, cute, so I thought I'd read the book. Again, cute.

Sunday 16 June 2012
Sunday - It's warmed up again, but not crazy hot or humid.

We went out to lunch at the Asia Buffet (aka Blue Koi) and had a nice Fathers Day lunch. My friends wife S paid for both of us, and later he daughter called me and wished me a Happy Father's Day. I'm kind of an uncle, I guess, and it's nice to be remembered!

I just sort of cleaned around the house, something that never seems to end.

Picture of the Week
Old Carquinez Straits bridges 
Photo Notes: Old Carquinez Straits bridges (ca. 2003).

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