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WEEK 26 2013

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Saturday 29 June 2013
Saturday - OTR, off to Cayucos!
Friday 28 June 2013
Friday - OTR, off to Cayucos!

Thursday 27 June 2013

Thursday - Back in town. Pretty tired, but there are things to do.

Amusing. While walking through the deep canyon I mentioned to Dave a memory of a presentation by someone who had gotten lost hiking the eastern Sierra's. My suggestion was that we hike all the Trails of the Eastern Sierra, and take the GPS with up, and sell a new revised version with stuff to keep people from getting lost. Looking back, it turns out that I saw that presentation this exact week, in June 2007!

I changed the oil, then made a quick stop by the library. The decline there continues.

It has been invaded by street people. There've always been some, but it is now dozens of them at any given moment. They have backpacks and bindles. If they collect bottles and trash to resell they bring these bags as well, and fill up the seats around them with their leaky odorous treasures. They sleep, they snore, they play little personal radios. They play cards and talk. One group even brought lunch, and was sitting around a table eating sandwiches and drinking. About fifty feet from the two security guards. The bathrooms are a mess, littered with paper towels from people bathing in the sinks, graffittied and smelly.

It's become rather unpleasant to visit - and there is really nowhere to sit and read.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Wednesday  - OTR. This was mostly an office day. We considered going out again, but decided we had enough data. We did go and talk at length with the people who had done an earlier inspection, some years ago, and got some info from them.  

I finally headed home about 5:00pm. I was so tired that I actually had to pull over and take a nap by the side of the road about 6:00pm, the nap made possible in the 90F heat only by the shade of the old trees around the old Rancho Camulos.


Tuesday  25 June 2013
Tuesday - OTR. A third day in the field. Roughest country of all, rock scrambling and wading through creeks up to our waists. Fun actually. The scenery is rather spectacular, and because of the inaccessibility, fairly unspoiled. Birds, fish, crayfish, and turtles abound. We saw coyotes and even deer sign. And forests of poison oak :-(

The canyon walls were so high and steep that the mapper, even with the fancy antenna, was unable to get a differential lock. I had to settle for normal positioning accuracy.


Monday  24 June 2012
Monday - OTR. Another day in the field. It's slow going, rough country and a lot of data to look at. Fortunately the mapping points and polygons that we pre-generated give us a good guide in assembling and surveying stuff. Time well spent.


Sunday 23 June 2012
Sunday - OTR, down to Thousand Oaks. Met with the other member of the party at a pre-arranged spot, and after consultation, headed to the downstream end of the arroyo and started walking up. The marine layer and cool temperature's were a godsend - given that we were already dealing with a sewage plant, bugs and poison oak!.

We had a nice lunch of roast beef sandwiches, our pre-arranged meeting spot having been in front of a farmers market that had an excellent deli as well, and lucking out in that a dirt road ran along a part of the lower reaches of the creek, so we could keep food in the cooler in the Explorer.


Because of the number of creek crossings we just hop-scotched with the Explorer. Usually I just leave the vehicle at one end or the other of my mapping reach, but the car made it easy to cross creeks without getting our boots wet. Wet boots are miserable to walk in, and we had several days of rough walking to do....

Picture of the Week
Anacapa Island, 2003. 
Photo Notes: Anacapa Island, looking east (ca. 2003).

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