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WEEK 27 2013

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Saturday 6 July 2013
Saturday - OTR, in Cayucos! Not too much going on. It was oddly quiet with all the young people gone.

We had a visit to Morro Bay, and tried out another Thai plaice, this being the Thai Boat down on the main drag. Excellent food, even better than the stuff from earlier in the week at another place. TB used to be down on the pier side, in a rather ramshackle place, this seems much nicer.

We also walked up the shore later,  to the Cayucos pier.

I had noticed, earlier in the week, that the end of the pier was moving and swaying, even with negligible wave action. Apparently there was a wedding upon the pier on Friday with about 150 people and someone from the state saw the entire structure moving, investigated, and found only one or two of the piers were actually supporting the structure. So he had the inspectors brought in, and they in turn had the outer end fenced off - about the outer 200 feet or so.

So, we bought t-shirts from a local charity set-up to help restore the pier, and walked out to the new end-of-the-pier. While there, almost alone on the pier, a female jogger ran out to us, made a turn and went back. And I could feel the entire pier vibrate to this petite women's footfalls. I think they need to move the fenced off portion inwards towards the beach another 100 feet or so....

Friday 5 July 2013
Friday - OTR, in Cayucos!

My Explorer is, however, on it's way back to Lancaster, boy scout alone at the wheel. He's off to the National Jamboree as a junior Scoutmaster on Monday, and wanted to spend the weekend preparing at home. So I loaded up the back with stuff we won't need, handed him the keys and $40 for snacks and sundries and we sent him on his way. I think this will be his first long trip (over 100 miles) alone in the vehicle. I've driven with him several times on longish trips- he drove the Explorer all the way from Lancaster to Cayucos on Friday, and he's a good driver; so no real worries.

Earlier in the morning N and her boyfriend S left for San Francisco. He had to work Friday, being junior guy in the accounting part of an investment bank, and, to be honest, I didn't even hear them leave.

Once I'm asleep I sleep soundly, but it's sometimes difficult for me to get there....

Thursday 4 July 2013

Thursday -  OTR, in Cayucos!

Sean returned from San Francisco, sometime in the wee hours, and was there for the parade start at 10:00.

We had our usual great view of the parade. I'd say it was a bit smaller than last year, but still fun. I took my usual pictures, but R also had a little GoPro 3 that he'd gotten for Christmas, and set it up to take a lot of HD footage. I'll have to see if I can get ahold of some of that.

In the evening we had four people that wanted to go down and see the fireworks. S let me drive his car, so I drove the Prius with four (!) passenger's, dropped them off, and drove back to the cabin.

Fog had finally rolled in, and about half the fireworks were invisible in the clouds, but they had a great time anyway. And walked back to the cabin, so I didn't have to go fetch them.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Wednesday  - OTR, in Cayucos!

The floats lined up on 7th street.

Tuesday  2 July 2013
Tuesday - OTR, in Cayucos!

Someone is looking very happy to be in a parade....

Monday  1 July 2012
Monday - OTR, in Cayucos!

I took a chair and a book down to the beach, but the sand fleas were so terrible that I had to give up sitting. I've never seen them this bad. Walking along with one's feet in the ocean is OK, but they just swarm you when sitting in the dry sand!

OK Smokey, let's get that out of the way before the parade starts....

Sunday 30 June 2012
Sunday - OTR, in Cayucos! Oddly warm (the 70's) and sunny. There are even stars at night - the marine layer is staying out to see. Nice, but strange.

Natalie and her beau, Sean, showed up. He's driving a new Prius, and it's pretty cool.

Did I mention it was 108F, and humid, when we left Lancaster? Yuck.

Looking up the main drag, before the parade.

Picture of the Week
Anacapa Island, 2003. 
Photo Notes: Anacapa Island, looking east (ca. 2003).

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