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WEEK 27 2011

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Saturday 9 July 2011
Saturday - on the road, delivering N back to San Francisco, then over to Martinez, where I'll do some more remodeling work.

First impressions on the house: K did a good job, but not much else was done in the two months since I was last here. Well, Dad told me once that I'd have to "take up the slack" when he was gone, but I'm not sure he realized just how much slack there'd be.

Friday 8 July 2011
Friday - A nice day of relaxing, lunch at Hoppe's. In the evening we started cleaning and picking up, checkout is at 10:00am tomorrow.


Crowds at the beach:

Thursday 7 July 2011

Thursday - read over the last few days, Book #71, Sleuthing the Alamo: Davy Crockett's Last Stand and Other Mysteries of the Texas Revolution, by James E. Crisp. It was recommended by some blog, and at first I was unimpressed. But, as the historian and author works his way into the history of what happened to Davy, and to a number of others, both American and Texan, it got more interesting.

Book #72 was Angelmass, by Timothy Zahn. A workmanlike book that eventually just sort of petered out without much of a conclusion.

I hung out with R at the beach all afternoon, determined to watch the sun go down:

cayucos sunset

The crowd:
caycucos holiday crowd

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Wednesday  - Another beautiful day. Sadly my sister, V, had to head home. She took M with her, to be dropped off at a BART station near SF.

Photographing the photographer...I do love that 300mm stabilized lens.


Roller Derby is still around?

Looking down the parade route:

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Tuesday - A nice relaxing day after the chaos of the parade...

Mayor and grandkids?

The Atascadero High School Band, in marching order.

Roger and one of his Bubble Machines.

Monday 4 July 2011

Monday - I invited my sister down for a couple of days, as we had some rooms free, and she kindly chauffeured down my friend's daughter N from San Francisco, and the daughter's friend M. They arrived before the big parade and road closure, so everything was cool there... N is a blond this trip. Last time brunette, the time before that kind of ...pinkish... I believe. Ah, to be young and stylish...

We had V park in the drive, up away from the crowds collecting on the sides of the road.

Before the Parade: Color Guard and Atascadero High School Band assemble.

The parade will lead off with a Dodge Viper from the Sheriff's Department.

Annnnndddd, they're off...

Sunday 3 July 2011

Sunday - on the road yesterday, mid-day Saturday, after 1:00pm. Just a lot of errands to do in the morning. The route was intended to be the CA-138 to the I-5, the I-5 to the CA-46, the Ca-46 to the HWY-1, but apparently CalTrans had decided to neck the interstate, the I-5, down to a single lane for the holiday. Warnings of big delays were displayed on the illuminated signs, so I took the CA-166 exit off the I-5 instead. It is windy and slow usually, not nearly as "fast" a road as CA-46 on a good day, and I expected the diverted traffic to make it even slower. Instead it was almost deserted, making for clear smooth driving.

In fact, I arrived before my friends at the rental, and opened the place up, since the rental agent just left the keys in the mailbox (not too much crime in Cayucos). It was warm and sunny...

It remained clear over night, no marine layer, very unusual for Cayucos, and the temperature was in the 70's during the day - very nice. We did a bit of yard sale searching Sunday morning, as my friend's wife's luggage somehow didn't make it into their car, and they didn't feel like buying stuff retail for just a week at the beach. She found what she needed, washed it, and was set. Set for mocking, that is...

Book #70 was The Players of Null-A, by A.E. Van Vogt, sequel to #69, The World of Null-A.

I finished Book #68, The Silkie and #69 The World of Null-A, by A.E. Van Vogt, on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Not much to say, these are old reprint paperback books, off my shelf, written in the 1950's I think, and have the thin "outline-ish" feel of books generated from short stories or serialized novella's of that era. Not bad, but not really to the modern taste. Van Vogt was mocked, I think, for thinking that a philosophy like General Semantics could actually make a difference in how people thought...

Picture of the Week
East Brothers Island Light House
Photo Notes: View from the Beach House, Cayucos Ca., 2011.

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