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WEEK 32 2007

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Saturday 11 August 2007

Saturday - again, mostly errands. Get the oil changed in the Explorer, etc, etc. Errands around the house as well, it's in need of a lot of cleaning and restoration.

While down in Ventura I got a call that one of my fish looked ill. It's just a goldfish, but still it's not something you want to hear. Anyway my fish sitter bought some drugs and administered them and that fish looked better when I got home, but still a bit sluggish. But I decided the tank needed cleaning, and the water needed changing. Boy, was I right.

The gravel was filthy. The surprising thing isn't that the smaller fish was sick, it was that either was still alive. A couple of hours after cleaning and changing the water they were swimming about happily, almost jumping out of the tank.

A piece of ice fell off the external tank and damaged the belly tiles on the Endeavour. Not good. NASA has spent years and mucho $$$ on mitigating this, without much luck.

Friday 10 August 2007

Friday - I got home not too late last night, and then had insomnia. Bah. I had backed off on caffeine, just a little glass of Pepsi Max (meh) with dinner about 7:00pm, just to avoid that. I've been up late several nights in a row and that seems to be all it takes to mess up my internal clock. I was home and in bed by 10:30 - wide awake. A little oatmeal, aspirin, and late night teevee at 2:30am finally let me drift off.

Today was spent running various needed errands in Lancaster - the most important of which was getting the front wheels of the Explorer aligned. A $40 task that metamorphed into $180, but I feel better about it. They were both pretty well out of spec, whether from my little driving excitement around the 4th or just from time since the last alignment (never) it's hard to say. It's never understeered at all, at best it was neutral,  generally it was mildly unstable. It was a bit tricky to drive, one had to watch it every second so as not to wander of a lane (one should be watchful at the wheel, but this was excessive) - we'll see if that has improved. If it has I might take the Probe in for a bit of work.

Thursday 9 August  2007

Thursday - there was a mild earthquake last night, about 1:00am. It was a 4.5, not bad, but noticeable.

Sure, we all suspected that it was a bad idea to be a red-shirted security guard on Captain Kirk's Enterprise. But now someone has analyzed the mission statistics. We were right. But, as with any good analysis, we now see some correlations and trends we may not have originally observed in the raw data:

Besides not beaming down, another factor that showed to increase the survival rate of the red-shirts was the nature of the relationship between the alien life and captain Kirk. When Captain Kirk meets an alien woman and "makes contact" the survival rate of the red-shirted crewmen increases by 84%.

[via Geekpress]

Wednesday 8 August 2007

Wednesday - Barry Bonds finally did it, during a home stand, breaking Henry Aaron's record with 756 home runs, last night while I was at the fair. My father will be pleased, he's a big fan. Aaron wasn't there in person (he's rumored to be an "asterisk man") but he did say some complimentary things on the big diamond vision screen at the ball park.

Odd phrase of the day:
"Thalweg migration and head cutting can result from unnatural changes ..."

Wikipedia has a definition of a thalweg.

Tuesday 7 August 2007

Tuesday - work.

I went to the Ventura County Fair in the evening and saw the Beach Boys with some friends. It was fun, though it's a big of a shock when someone mentions writing an song in 1963! Forty four year ago. Sheesh. Someone named John Stamos was playing the drums for them, they referred to him as "the part time drummer" and he was apparently a big hearth throb for the ladies. I had two middle aged ladies sit (well, they actually sort of danced in place) next to me, a blond and a brunette - they were very excited by the whole thing. The band played for nearly two hours, good value for the $8 tickets.

 Monday 6 August 2007

Monday - On the road, back to Ventura. Lot's of time to listen to books on tape again...

Book #52
was A Crack In the Edge of the World*, by Simon Winchester. An interesting tale of plate tectonics and the Great San Francisco Earthquake, with a lot of off biographies and histories thrown in. Recommended. This was an abridged CD set - it was on sale at B&N for $5.00 - but well done, reasonably self contained though I have to wonder what was left out. A deeper look a plate tectonics, from a few hanging references.

Sunday 5 August July 2007

Sunday - on the road, back to Lancaster. Lots of traffic thought it isn't a holiday. Odd. Moderately hot in the valley - pushing 100F in spots but never quite breaking into triple digits.

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seagull at Cayucos
Photo Notes: A seagull in Cayucos, Ca..

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