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WEEK 39 2013

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Saturday 28 September 2013
Saturday - Picked up the kitten in the morning. She's graduated to drinking milk from a saucer and eating (with gusto!) soft food, so nights should be easier.

Still pretty tired, more than I should be, really. Age catching up to me?

Went to Lunch at Mahli's with R&S, then over for pizza and the last disk of Season 3 of Veronica Mars. I thought there were four seasons - it looks from the old previews that it would have been a good season 4!!

Riley is more or less stalking the kitten, with the occasional hiss. I won't let him within two feet - striking range - but he's not too upset. When the kitten is in the big cage he sits a foot or two away, watching calmly, no hisses or snarls. If I can referee for a few days I think it'll be OK.

Friday 27 September 2013
Friday - Back in town late last night.

Dropped off the car, picked up the kitten, generally lazed around and took it easy. I've been fairly sleep deprived the last couple of weeks, so it was nice to get in a nap.

Lancaster has cooled down, definitely fall weather now. We'll almost certainly have another warm spell, but the writing is on the wall for this summer.

I'll write up a brief report on the trip when I've a bit more energy, but it went fine, no problems.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Thursday - OTR.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Wednesday  - OTR.

Tuesday  24 September 2013
Tuesday - OTR.

Monday  23 September 2013
Monday - OTR. Off to Las Vegas for the NASSCO Tri-state Convention, and three days of training in PACP, MACP and LACP. The boss is paying, including a fair sum for per diem, so while it won't actual make me any money it won't cost me any either.

CB drove up from Ventura and we left in the early afternoon. I rented a Nissan Versa, and hopefully it'll be a good drive. It's a small car, but it should just sip gas on the way up there and back.

My Explorer is south of 235K, and only gets about 20mpg on the road, so the Nissan should actually pay for itself.

Not much posting until I get back.

The kitten is back with R&S for the week. I told her that I was using an eyedropper to feed it , and that I'd been up every two or three hours all night. She says she'll teach it to drink out of a bowl, which would be nice. It's much stronger and braver than even yesterday, I felt bad about leaving, but it'll probably get more attention over there than it would get here, even if I was home.

Sunday 22 September 2013
Sunday - A quiet day, not much going on. Getting ready for the trip to Las Vegas, playing with the cat.

I had no idea I was getting a kitten yesterday. I had to stay in Ventura overnight, because of working late and being absolutely beat. When I went over for lunch they had the boy bring me "An early birthday present." I'd been nagging him about missing out of the rejected peanut brittle for the AV Fair this year, so when he brought me a little gift bag I just assumed that was it.

Apparently my face had quite the surprised look!

I took the cat home from Roger & Sheryl's yesterday, then went out immediately and bought some stuff. Kitten Milk Replacement was the main thing, but also some kitten chow for when she gets a bit bigger. She didn't seem to understand a bowl, so I took an eyedropper and filled it with the KMR. That was a resounding success! About ten droppers were all she could manage - a tablespoon or two, then she sank into a contented stupor. About every couple of hours I repeated this, and she started drinking even more, and she began to get more lively, daring to even leave the cat carrier.

Riley isn't happy about this, but he is far less upset than when I brought the little orange kitten into the house. I don't know if he and Phoebe were reinforcing each other, whether it's because he is older, or because the kitten is female; but aside from the occasional hiss he seems fairly calm.

Picture of the Week
Suzy, hiding on my shoulder, September 2013. 
Photo Notes: Suzy, hiding on my shoulder, September 2013.

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