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WEEK 40 2013

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Saturday 5 October 2013
Saturday - Totally beat. Laid around, didn't do much at all.

Riley seems better, but didn't have a BM all day, so I'll get him some Colace or something tomorrow if he doesn't have one overnight - and I could hear him mewling with effort so I'm thinking not - and I'll call the Vet on Monday.

Went over to R&S's, had home made pizza, watched Argo (obviously meant to be an Affleck vehicle, show stolen by Alan Arkin though), and took the kitten home again.

Friday 4 October 2013
Friday - OTR. Down to Ventura for the day. We did an inspection, of sorts, in Saticoy. We are not inspectors for this job, and are not the PM or CM, but were asked to take a look at how well the contractor was complying with the job requirements. After that we went back to the office and did some other stuff.

Among which was putting RAM into the three office laptops, 2GB up from 1GB, which should really help in the case of the old GIS laptop.

The Santa Ana's were blowing - it was nasty. About 89F in Saticoy, with 30mph winds blowing sand everywhere. I even started getting a nosebleed again. Yuck.

In the mid evening I went to dinner with a friend, and then, because I couldn't find my boat keys, drove back to Lancaster, arriving about 1am. Gahhh.

Suzy is good for about an hour of frenetic activity, then passes out, preferably on a human's lap.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Thursday - Running around, doing various chores.

I took the kitten back over to R&S's place. She's become a good traveler in the car (in her cat carrier) and is at home at their house now.

Off to Ventura in the early am hours.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Wednesday  - Still tired. Not sure what's with that.

I did go over in the early evening and pick up the kitten. She's grown, and is a lot more active and aggressive. In fact she's the one hissing at Riley, rather than the other way around. Since she's only about a pound and a half I have to keep a good eye on her and him. So far he has batted at her a couple of times, with claws sheathed, and she runs away and ignores him for a bit.

riley and suzy
Riley investigating one of Suzy's re-arrivals....

Dave called and I probably have to be back in Ventura for some inspection on Friday morning. I'll probably head down in the evening, so as to be ready in the morning.

Which means Suzy is back to Roger & Sheryl's tomorrow night.

Roger is NASA, so he's been furloughed and has a lot of time to play with the kitten.

Tuesday  1 October 2013
Tuesday - Back in town. Pretty darn tired though.

Since the week modulo 10 is zero I need to update the "books read" list. Not many. Been busy.

#1 Domes of Fire (Tamuli Book #1)
#2 The Shining Ones (Tamuli Book #2)
#3 The Hidden City (Tamuli, Book #3)
#4 The Magistrates of Hell
#5 The Snitch, Houdini and Me
#6 Into Uncharted Seas
#7 Hide Me Among the Graves
#8 The Legion of Time
#9 Captain Vorpatril's Alliance
#10 The Magicians Nephew
#11 Midst Toil and Tribulation
#12 The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors
#13 Prey
#14 Darkship Thieves
#15 Darkship Renegades
#16 Sabriel
#17 Lirael
#18 Abhorsen
#19 Count to a Trillion
#20 The Hermetic Millennia
#21 Orphans of Chaos
#22 Fugitives of Chaos
#23 Titans of Chaos
#24 The Golden Ticket
#25 The Last Guardian of Everness
#26 Howl's Moving Castle
#27 On The Razor's Edge
#28 Abaddon's Gate
#29 The Mists of Everness
#30 Hellhole Awakening
#31 On Whale Island
#32 Retreat and Adapt
#33 Antiagon Fire
#34 The Alecto Initiative
#35 The Iron Wyrm Affair
#36 The Red Plague Affair
#37 Admiral Who?
#38 Admiral 's Gambit
#39 Admiral's Tribulation
#40 Objective-C
#41  iPhone iOs 6 Development Essentials
#42 Admirals Trial

Monday  30 September 2013
Monday - Kind of a long day. Big changes in the project PRD has been advising the county on.

Too tired to head home in the evening, so I stayed on the boat. Reasonably quiet - not as quiet as I expected for a Monday evening - but the two or three sets of people on nearby boats were OK. I tend to get prickly about disturbances, but I try to remind myself that laughter and some quiet music isn't a huge imposition...

Sunday 29 September 2013
Sunday - A quiet morning, not much going on. Playing with the spastic kitten....

I have to leave for Ventura at noon, urgent call from Dave, so I'm out of here for a few days, again. The kitten is back to Roger and Sheryl's....

Picture of the Week
Suzy, hiding on my shoulder, September 2013. 
Photo Notes: Suzy, hiding on my shoulder, September 2013.

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