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WEEK 40 2009

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Saturday 3 October 2009
Saturday - a long busy day. I picked up the boy - young man, really - and took him to the dojo early. He's been practicing hard all this last month, and was battered and bruised. His left wrist was swollen and packed in ice, and there were traces of a split over his left eye. But he was game, excited to test, and looking pretty darned toned.

And it went well. It was a two hour event, and there were a few others testing as well, but he looked good and got the belt. It's startling how quickly kids grow up. From the chubby little boy to a rather formidable young man, in an eye blink. Somebody you'd not want to meet in an alley, somebody you'd want on your side.

But, his mother said, she was proudest not of his passing the test, but of the kindness and support he showed to some little kids that were testing as well. It's all about character in the end, and he has plenty of that.

Friday 2 October 2009

Friday -  about a half day of work, then off to Lancaster. There is an LPAC performance, and I am designated photographer for a friends son, who is testing for his brown belt in karate in Okinawa-te this weekend.
kitten in potted plant
kitten in potted plant
The kitten investigates a potted plant.

Thursday 1 October 2009

Thursday - a long day at work, but things are finally starting to move on various projects, long delayed.

A group of us from work went out to dinner in the evening at the Olive Garden. It was jammed, but after a long wait we had a very nice dinner. 

Wednesday 30 September 2009

Wednesday - another crazy day. A beautiful evening though, warm and balmy, with a half moon and Jupiter high in the sky.

Another Dodger loss. A complete blow-out. Colorado won, of course.

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Tuesday 29 September 2009

Tuesday -  Stupid Dodgers, a magic number of 1, and they can't clinch. They lost again, to the Padres. If this is what they do under the relatively minor pressure of late season, what chance to they have in the post season?

Looks like a conjuction with the moon and Jupiter two or three degree's apart.

 Monday 28 September 2009

Monday - back to work.

Sunday 27 September_2009

Sunday - more small chores and cleaning up about the house. The fridge is pretty much bare, but I didn't have time to do any shopping, so...

I watched the 49ers' play the Vikings in the afternoon. The Niners' lost to the Vikings, in a last second TD throw by Bret Favre, but the take-away from the game for me is that San Francisco is back as a credible team. Their coaches time management was bad - they should have done anything to avoid giving the ball to Bret Favre with 1:30 still on the clock!

Book #58 was Myth Inc., In Action, and #59 was Phule's Company, both again by Robert Asprin. MIIA was book #7, or so, in the 'Myth' series and the last I own. As I mentioned last week, short and not particularly impressive. I'm glad to be done with the series, and tossed the paperbacks - I need the shelf space.

Phules Company was the start of another Asprin series, and was in tone and style much like the Myth series. Eh. I tried to read a second in the series, but gave it up as a waste of time. Into the trash basket.

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water bomber at V-rotate

Photo Notes: 'Station' fire Water Bomber at Vr  Fox Field, Lancaster, September 2009

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