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WEEK 40 2007

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Saturday 6 October 2007

Saturday - not quite as busy. Did a bit of work, but also went with friends to the Harvest Festival in Ventura, where I picked up a couple of things for Christmas gifts. Then a good Mexican dinner at the "blue place", which is Casa del Mar or something, over on Oxnard Blvd.

Friday 5 October 2007

Friday -  busy. I'm working with a PDA, running WinCE rather than Windows Mobile 2003. But just like WM it has weird limitations and lapses. For one thing you can't put a shortcut to Windows Explorer on the destop, though you can put other files on there. Why? And there is a DOS terminal, but even a simple batch file, aaa.bat = dir /w  doesn't work. Bah. But the basic program I'm using does work, so that's good. But I can't find a "FIND" function either, which is annoying, as I put a program on the PDA and now it seems to have vanished.

Thursday 4 October  2007

Thursday - busy. One of the guys I'm working with knows all the good restaurants around - I'm going to gain 20 pounds if I don't watch out!

Wednesday 3 October 2007

Wednesday - busy. Working with a little digital video camera. Despite my best efforts I couldn't get the time stamp caption, clearly visible on the camera monitor, to appear when the image file was transferred to the PC. It's (the meta information) there but the software, both PC and MAC, refuse to display it. Weird.

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Tuesday - working away. Some friends and I had a nice little dinner get together after work.

 Monday 1 October 2007

Monday - working. This was Moms' birthday. Back when I was in high school the way home meant a walk by Adams' Market. Mom ran a tab there, and she and Betty Adams would let me put a soda on Moms' tab. Usually an orange Nehi (did you know that Nehi and Royal Crown were the same company? I didn't.) She never complained, even though money was sometimes tight.

Sunday 30 September 2007

Sunday - on the road again, this time up to San Pedro for some work related stuff, then up to Ventura.

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san clara river near the pacific ocean
Photo Notes: Reeds reflected in the Santa Clara river.

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