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WEEK 41 2007

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Saturday 13 October 2007

Saturday - did some work, even got down to the boat for an hour. I think I left the battery switch "on".

Continuing the "found CD" theme, here is a copy of 'Full Circle' by Pennywise that I found, busted, in a parking lot:

Dropped or Tossed? We'll never know...

Friday 12 October 2007

Friday -  out looking at some stuff in the field. Keeping busy...

I've been working on the John Adam's biography. It's good, but long. Unabridged, unlike the version that Dave and I tried to listen to on the way to and from the Grand Canyon. In that version there was a line to the effect of: "...Adams was appointed an ambassador to France, and then went to the Netherlands...". In this set of CD's we learn what happened.

The biographer is glossing over what must have been Adams bull-in-a-china-shop approach to negotiantions with the French (Franklin was in charge and he was a very subtle fox). Eventually he made himself so unwanted that the French Foreign Minister and Franklin conspired to get rid of him. Adams was moderately successful in the Netherlands, much aided by the American victory at Yorktown. Without that victory, who knows? He was becoming a better diplomat as time went by, but his natural honesty made it a difficult task for him. Even his worst enemies remarked on the honesty - it wasn't an assumed face or sham, but an integral part of his character.

Thursday 11 October  2007

Thursday - still not so great. I woke up with a pounding headache that four ibuprofen and an ice bag barely made tolerable. This lasted almost the entire day.

I did manage to get the lathe going and turned a new point for the survey rod I'm making, and to paint it. Actually I used the wrong tool for the turning, I think I should have used the bullnose cutter for a smoother finish. I also would have used steel rather than the Al I ended up using, but didn't want to turn a 3" steel bar down to 1 1/8" inches. Also I don't have a band saw, so I would have had to waste a lot of material to get a cutoff tool in there, or hacksaw by hand. Al will do, but it'll eventually get a lot duller. Though if I can find one of those tungsten carbide tips that hiking sticks use I could embed that.

Wednesday 10 October 2007

Wednesday - not feeling so good. I think I picked up a bug down in Ventura :-(

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Tuesday - back to Lancaster. I had a crown to be put on. After much fooling about the dentist decided that it needed to go back to the manufacturer for refitting. After that I did some shopping, then went home and collapsed.

Ten days on the road.

 Monday 8 October 2007

Monday - lots of work...

Sunday 7 October 2007

Sunday - an amusing sidenote to my post on bridges the other day. An acquaintance was showing a picture of himself and a bunch of bikini clad lasses on his wakeboat, in front of London Bridge at Lake Havasu. I almost went into my spiel about elliptical arches, but managed to restrain myself. Instead I pretended not to be such a geek as inquired "There's a bridge in that picture?"

It was sort of a work day, with me working on some notes for work, and researching sheet pile design.

Picture of the Week
Creek and Reeds
Photo Notes: Reeds reflected in the Santa Clara river.

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