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WEEK 42 2007

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Saturday 20 October 2007

Saturday - keeping busy. Learning a bit about Manifold_8, a GIS product. Sort of a cross between a data base and a CAD program...  It was beautiful weather, I would have preferred to go sailing, or work on the brightwork before winter really arrives, but work has to come first...

High winds are expected in the next few days, no sailing in 60mph winds :-(

Friday 19 October 2007

Friday -  Noise pollution. It's a battle sometimes just to get some quiet time to work.

I thought I might work at the boat the other day. Bad idea. My live aboard neighbor was playing his "death metal" music. The nearby apartment was blaring out Steely Dan at about 150db (how come their neighbors don't kill them?) and to top it all off, a party boat (probably a converted fishing boat) was patrolling up and down the water with a live band on the back, amplifier's cranked to the max. And, oh yes, the boat yard across the way has a compressor that runs, at odd intervals, day and night.

I need to get a pair of thick, padded, noise-cancellation, headphones.

Thursday 18 October  2007

Thursday - I was playing around a bit with an old Ipaq. It has a GPS sleeve - that doesn't work - and an old compact flash Wifi 802.11b adapter. I tried using it at a local T-mobile site, without much luck, at lunch. It sort of connected. Eh. It doesn't pick up the house 802.11g network at all. It also has a small external keyboard, but there isn't a driver for it - the manufacturer's web site link doesn't do anything.

Wednesday 17 October 2007

Wednesday - there was a terrible pile-up on the I-5 the other day. People kept calling me and asking how I would get home, so I finally turned on the teevee and watched for a while. Pretty horrible stuff, reminiscent of the fire in the Hwy 24 tunnel a few years back. 

Tuesday 16 October 2007

Tuesday - working on stuff.

 Monday 15 October 2007

Monday - Al Gore won the Nobel Prize for his global warming stance. Great. No mention of his selling himself - giving, actually - green credits from his own company. I think it's this hypocrisy about the whole thing that bothers me most about Gore.

Sunday 14 October 2007

Sunday - I saw a article on the next launch system, Orion. It's still having problems, over weight mostly, and so they are cutting out redundant systems, which strikes me as compromising the safety of the system, which is, in turn, it's reason for being. Sad. I heard a report that the administrator of NASA says that he thinks the Chinese will beat the USA back to the moon. Hopefully that's just a rumor.

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riley and phoebe, agreeing to "share" the cat tree
Photo Notes: Riley and Phoebe "sharing" the top of the cat tree.

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