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WEEK 40 2010

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Saturday 9 October 2010
Saturday - My brothers finally emailed to say that they wouldn't be coming to help. It would have been nice to know this ahead of time. Patience, forgiveness, perseverance, these are all virtues, so I suppose one oughtn't kick at being given the opportunity to practice them.

So, plowing ahead. I made several trips to the local Home Depot, bought some 5 rolls of 30# felt and 7 squares of roofing shingles (21 flats). Also some longer nails. After just 8 hours of lugging all this up the stairs, up the side yard, up more stairs, then up a ladder to the roof I was beat. Each of these items is probably 50 or 60 pounds, a lot for a middle aged desk jockey. And it was unpleasantly warm for donkey work - 85F or hotter.

My sister came by in the evening and we had a nice talk, until midnight, which is much too late for me.

Friday 8 October 2010
Friday - well, I hit the road. I decided not to take the trailer, since I wasn't sure if there would be help to carry all the landscape blocks up. I just put twenty blocks in the back of the Explorer itself. This allowed me to travel at freeway speeds, 70mph, so that was a big plus.

There was a LOT of traffic for some reason, it was holiday-like. And the usual quota of jerks, going too fast or too slow, in the wrong lane. Ah well.

I arrived reasonably early. Not much has changed at the house in the last six weeks.

Sadly I realized, coming up, that I had left a bunch of nice cupcakes that had been given to me back in Lancaster. Dang!

Thursday 7 October 2010

Thursday - doing various chores around the house, getting ready for a trip north. I'm pretty damn tired though.

Supposedly my brothers are to meet me there - I haven't heard a word from them, despite inquiries last week and this week. Well, plenty of work, either way.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Wednesday - down in V, working. Then a visit to someone in Simi Valley, and home to Lancaster.

The sound of sprinkles on the cabin top is really quite soothing....

Tuesday 5 October 2010
Tuesday - down in V, working.

Monday 4 October 2010

Monday - "Heads-down" work. I am trying to finish up some tasks before heading down to Ventura.

Sunday 3 October_2010

Sunday - the weather is decent here in Lancaster, but raining down in Ventura, apparently. Doing some programming.

My sister noticed the solitary bird in the sky, seen the photo-of-the-week below. It's a cell phone pic and I hadn't noticed the bird, just the brilliant sunrise.

The Giant's beat the Padre's, 3:0, so they will be in post-season play. I'm not sure who won the NL Central and East, actually. I imagine play will start next week sometime. It'd be nice to catch a game, but post season tickets are probably through the sky high.

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Photo Notes: Dawn, Channel Islands Harbor.

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