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WEEK 39 2015

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Saturday 26 September 2015
Saturday - Doing various errands and chores. Not much to say there.

Lunch at the Korean BBQ place with friends. I was going to go over to their place for dinner, too, but I has so tired that I had to cancel.

Book #51 was Summer Knight, by Jim Butcher. This is #4 in the Dresden Files series.

Friday 25 September 2015
Friday - OTR. The job is going pretty well, some issues, but nothing too crazy. Very hot and humid out there...

In the mid-evening I headed home. It is near the end of the month and I need to do bills, and pick up some more stuff from the house as well. Also it's supposed to be 90+ in Ventura and the house has no a/c, and (probably built in the 1970's) not particularly good insulation. As I personally experienced this week when not at the work site. Ah well.

The house in Lancaster was fine, and the cats, after a skittish couple of hours, were happy to see me.

My teammates deserted me, btw. The Enginer was off to Vegas early in the week, and the Project Manager took off to San Diego... Thank God for email...

Thursday 24 September 2015

Thursday - OTR.

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Wednesday - OTR.

Tuesday 22  September2015
Tuesday - OTR. Still very hot in Saticoy. The project got started, and I spent nearly the entire day out there. It's really a part time job, but on startup there's a look of extra work...

Monday 21 September 2015
Monday - OTR. Very hot in Saticoy. When I got to the site there was no-one there. I drove around a bit, looking to see if they'd decided to start on another section, then finally called the contractor. He said they were running late and wouldn't really start until tomorrow. I guess I get an hours pay?

Anyway, I took the opportunity to clean the stove at the Ventura rental, prior to making lunch and dinner I haven't seen grime like that since my Nigerian roommates when I was attending Cal Poly Pomona.

I have two roomies now, a nice lady I've known for a while, and a guy who apparently works at Port Hueneme, new to me.

Sunday 20 September 2015
Sunday - OTR. Hot and humid, still, and particularly in Ventura.

I packed up the twin bed and frame in the Explorer, and packed the suitcases and some boxes of miscellaneous cant-live-without stuff, and when we left in the morning my friends put it in their mini-van and drove it down to Ventura for me. We quickly dropped stuff off at the house (empty of people on a Sunday) and then went off to Ojai for lunch with my friends family. It was nice, but very hot, 103F officially.

Back at the house in early evening, I unpacked, made the bed, set the alarm, made sure I had coffee and bagels ready for Monday, then hit the sack.

No app work, since it's a weekend and there's so much to do. But I feel guilty about it.

Not much else to say. The house sitter is the same that I used over the 4th of July, so the cats will not be too traumatized, I hope...

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odd clouds to the south of the av

Looking south from the AV, with odd clouds over the Angeles range.

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