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WEEK 43 2011

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Saturday 29 October 2011
Saturday - I got up late and tired, not getting back to Lancaster and my bed until 11:30 last night.

In the morning I discovered that my friends had watched and fed the cat, covered my tomato's against the frost, and fixed the broken drawer's in the kitchen. The last was pretty unexpected, it was something that I was planning to get to, someday...

It is getting cold. I had the inside thermometer set to 55F, and it kicked on the heater several times during the night. Riley had begun crawling under the coverlet to keep warm...

Friday 28 October 2011
Friday - The day was spent in the office, generating candidate repair sites for the client to look at. We'd hoped to get into the field, but that didn't happen. But the candidate sites look good, and the client was pleased with the similar presentation we did earlier in the year, so that means possible work in the future.

The HP Touchsmart in the office died. Back in 2009 it's first incarnation died in weeks. This one lasted a couple of years, but was always slow and a bit buggy. One problem was the vast amount of HP bloatware on the system, but the hardware had issues too: it couldn't connect properly to the wireless printer three feet away, for instance.

Anyway, it said it couldn't boot, registry issues. All the registry backups were corrupt, and it couldn't find any restore points. Not one. I created a Linux rescue disk and when I left in the evening it was scanning the system for some sort of virus or malware. There is a warranty on it, so we can get it repaired/replaced, but it'd be nice not to lose the info on the disk.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Thursday -

Wednesday 26 October 2011

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Tuesday 25 October 2011

Tuesday - Annoyances.

One thing I've written about before is the problem of backing things up. I had found some more pictures, and added them into the appropriate folders on the Vista laptop. I then tried to sync the various folders with an external drive, and then the external drive to the Ubuntu 10.10 machine upstairs. For some reason the Ubuntu backup copied the entire directories of about half the folders, rather than syncing their contents. It started out OK, I was watching, but at some point after I left it copied something like 50GB of folders over. Bah. From what I can tell it was an ownership issue: for some reason, although I set the "Microsoft Windows" checkbox to true, it decided that files of the same name, date and size were different, so it copied them again.

Jeez, I am so tired of these backup issues, it never seems to end.

Also, there was a prediction of an Aurora last night, an Aurora visible from California!!! So it was overcast.

I spent hours looking at the video of the insides of pipes. Technically this isn't an annoyance, as I get paid for it, but, well, flight test engineering was more fun.

Monday 24 October 2011

Monday - I'll probably head  down to Ventura on Wednesday, go over the video inspection files with the boss.

Book #127 was The Hell Screen, by  I.J. Parker. This is the fourth in the Atikada Sugawara  series, and very enjoyable.

There was recently an article published by Manterola, et al., Mexico, stating that the astronomer Bonilla in 1883 had possibly seen a stream of comet fragments that were passing the Earth, and almost struck it. The popular science press picked up on this and states that this would have been an extinction level event, had it happened.

On the other hand, using the purported speeds of 15-75km/sec, and a 24 hour period, the train of 1,400 purported comet fragments would be a minimum 1.3 to 6.8 million kilometers long, impossible to miss visually at night or at dawn/dusk at other latitudes and longitudes.

Sunday 23 October 2011

Sunday - Another nice day. Warm, but not too warm. Generally we have a few hot days in October, before fall really sets in, but it seems milder than usual this year. Which is fine.

My tomato's are still producing, indeed I saw a bunch of new blossoms on them this weekend. I should get some clear plastic tarps ready in time for the first freeze, and see if I can continue growing into January or whenever...

I've been reviewing video on the PC, stuff from 2006 and 2007 for work. Tedious stuff, but it pays.

At first I used Windows Media Player but it has no fast forward or frame capability - the controls are there under an advanced tab, but they don't work. I need to be able to stop, single step, and take screen shots, and it was just too clunky.

Windows Movie Maker has somewhat better capability, you can pause, single frame forward and backwards, but still lacks an automatic screen-grab-to-file feature. And, if you get too busy with the pausing and single-stepping it loses track of where it was and hangs, and you have to restart the video.

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Kim and Ashley, May 1995
Photo Notes: My nieces Kim and Ashley, May 1995.

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