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WEEK 44 2006

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Saturday 4 November 2006

Saturday - I finished Book #46, The Path Between the Seas, by David McCullough. Fantastic! What a great book. Some books you just don't want to end.

Up at my Dad's, and we didn't do much. We did watch the Cal-UCLA game. UCLA lost, which cost me a quarter. Good game though :-)  I had a co-worker in the audience, his daughter goes to UC Berkeley. So it must have been a thrill for her (and him).

Friday 3 November 2006

Friday -  I'll be listening to an audio book on my way north - but is it really reading? Ann Althouse has a blog entry on the subject. My take is: close enough. It's sort of the GED of reading, particularly if you are doing something else. Your attention is just not entirely on the story.

And another thing - you can't generally stick a Post-It on a CD or tape where you'd mark to write about a particular passage or idea, for later mention on your blog.

It's official, the wreck of the USS Wahoo has been found. She was launched at Mare Island, only a few miles from Martinez.

Thursday 2 November  2006

Thursday - I did get a little "real" work done, but meetings and a time devouring memo used up a lot of the day. I called it a day after only eight hours. I've more writing to do tomorrow.

I need to get some rest - I hope to get north and visit my father this weekend. I made a point of updating the TIVO so that it records my shows. I've been too busy to actually watch any of the recorded stuff - it'll probably overflow the box.

I should go pack now.

Wednesday 1 November 2006

Wednesday - started off the day with some rather dull meetings, but spent the entire afternoon and early evening in the Flight Loads Lab, helping instrument a NASA G-III for a GVT. Hot glue, accelerometers and some wiring - it made for a nice change. Another long day though.

Did I mention not recording last weeks' Battlestar Galactica? My TIVO had run out of information, and rather than recording at the same time as the previous week, it just did nothing at all. Pretty poor programming.

Tuesday 31 October 2006

Tuesday - on the road, down to Aerovironment in Simi Valley. They had a presentation to give on non-linear aspects of the Helios mishap, some years ago. Very interesting, but I can't really talk about it here.

It made for a long drive and a long day.

Halloween was at my friend Rogers' place. It's even more elaborate than it was in 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002...

 Monday 30 October 2006

Monday - working on various things, or more accurately, trying to work on some things. It was a Monday all day long. Email wasn't getting through, and stuff that had come through earlier was corrupted, and then it turns out that the help line is broken.  Clearly, for some unknown reason, the systems people were running various scans and backups on my machine - I could hear the disk grinding away and it would slow to a crawl. Why run Retrospect twice in a single day, and why can't these people do it at night, like sane system administrators would?

Then it turns out that I can't find the calculations I did to generate some loads a couple of months ago (it looks liked I saved the wrong set). Which means I need to do them over to check something. Sheesh.

Sunday 29 October 2006

Sunday - did a lot of reading in preparation for some stuff at work. I would have liked to visit the boat, or the air show at Edwards AFB, but you gotta do your homework sometimes. I did sit outside for a while and read, which meant the cats had plenty of time to run about and tire themselves out.

Books I've read this year (not including some technical stuff). It's getting down to the wire, but it looks like I'll make 50 again-

#1 The Italian Secretary
#2 Gravity Dreams
#3 Master and Commander
#4 I've Been Around
#5 Homeward Bound
#6 Post Captain
#7 The Battle of Brooklyn
#8 Napoleon: A Penguin Life
#9 Wildtrack
#10 Fastnet, Force 10
#11 Shadow of the Giant
#12 Old Soldiers
#13 The Pirate Coast
#14 Black Bodies & Quantum Cats
#15 H.M.S. Surprise,
#16 Sailing the Wine Dark Sea
#17 The Secret Life of Lobsters
#18 A Princess of Roumania
#19 StormChild
#20 Washington's Crossing,
#21 Alector's Choice
#22 The Mauritius Comma
#23 The Lobster Chronicles
#24, His Excellency: George Washington
#25 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
#26 John Quincy Adams
#27 The Golden Rendezvous
#28 In The Last Analysis
#29 The Best Western Stories of Loren D. Estelman
#30 The Radioactive Redhead
#31 Holmes on the Range
#32 The Martian War
#33 Sea of Glory
#34 A Rose Red City
#35 The Know-It-All
#36 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Andrew Jackson
#38 Sharpe's Escape
#39 The Eternity Artifact
#40 Dark As Day
#41 A Rope - In Case
#42 Adams vs Jefferson
#43 Hunters of Dune
#44 Open Boat: Alone Across the Pacific
#45 A Beautiful Mind

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Hummingbrids at a feeder

Photo Notes: Hummingbirds - there's another to the left.

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