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WEEK 48 2015

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Saturday 28 November  2015
Saturday - I took it slow, still pretty sleepy. Lunch with friends...

We got together in the evening for turkey leftovers, then some videos.

We watched a couple of movies in the evening. The first was Man On Wire, about the Frenchman Philippe Petit who walked the tightrope between the World Trade Center buildings back in the 1970's (actually seven or eight times, on the wire for nearly 45 minutes up there).  Kind of a egotistical nut, but interesting to watch. He and his support crew actually had to sneak into the still under construction WTC to do it, and were arrested afterwards. "Man On Wire" was the description of the event in the arresting officer used in his ticket.

The other was another biography, Deceptive Practices, of a famous stage magician Ricky Jay. Very interesting, quite a character.

Book #52 was Blood Rites, by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #6). Much the same as the others, good to pass the time with...

What, you are probably asking, happened to Book #5? Well, I did order it digitally from the library, but apparently as an audio book, and I just haven't had time to listen to it. Or the urge, really. I listen to audio in the car, not at home, and my phone isn't loud enough to hear over the engine. I guess I could try the Bluetooth speaker, if I can remember to charge it up...

Friday 27 November 2015
Friday - Didn't do much, sat around, read, watched TV. Never got out of my sweats...

I realized that although I had updated the web page on Monday or Tuesday I hadn't actually uploaded it... I remember having the same issue last time I worked away from home...

This job will probably run long - it was supposed to have ended two weeks ago but will probably last until Christmas, unless the contractor gets his act together....

Thursday 26 November 2015
Thursday - Thanksgiving Day. I spent it with my good friends Roger and Sheryl, and loaded up on Turkey and Pie. Yay!

Wednesday  25 November 2015

Wednesday - OTR. Inspecting all day. I wanted to head home, but it was gridlocked in LA, so I just decided to head back tomorrow. No sense in relapsing again - I still havent shaken this cold.

Tuesday 24 November 2015
Tuesday - OTR.  Inspecting. Not much to say.

Monday  23 November 2015
Monday - OTR.

Sunday 22 November  2015
Sunday - OTR. Slept in a bit. did some chores, the left early to head back to Ventura.

One thing I do these days is watch how long it takes for me to see someone do something crazy/dangerous/stupid/pointless after I leave the house to commute. Today it took 1.5 miles. Turning left onto Avenue L there is a turn signal. At the signal I started to turn left, into the number two (outer) lane westbound. And the guy behind me floored it, fishtailed around me to illegally pass on the right in the bike lane before I'd even completed the turn...

Back to Ventura in the afternoon, wondering what to do with myself....

Picture of the Week

old air force fighter

I saw this old fighter sitting in someone's yard in the west AV. Nice yard art...

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