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WEEK 51 2013

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Saturday 21 December 2013
Saturday - Again, not much to say. Winding down for the holidays I guess.

I've not much of a holiday spirit this year, I admit it.

Bought some eggnog, to go with the rum left over from last year.

Book #49 was Admiral's Revenge (Spineward Sector #5), by Luke Sky Wachter. Just another space opera pot boiler, which is what I wanted.

Friday 20 December 2013
Friday - Running around, doing various Xmas errands. Over to friends place in the evening, for pizza and a movie. They are down to San Diego tomorrow.  I was invited down, but declined. I'll hang around Lancaster, honestly I'm tired of being on the road.

I do have a kind invitation to a Christmas Eve dinner, which I accepted.

Thursday 19 December 2013

Thursday - I pestered Kirk to come over. He was pretty tired, from this and his other job, but he deserved to help finish it off.

The hardest part of the job was done, and it was time for him to enjoy the last part - setting the pavers. This type of job is a lot like painting - there is a lot of hard and tedious prep work, upon which the success of the job will ride, and then the final visible part, painting or paver setting, which is the easiest and most fun part.

I went by Home Depot, and got the workers to load the pavers for us - my hands were already stiff from the days of work.

Then Kirk arrived. I put him to work laying the pavers, and just acted as his assistant, fetching pavers from the trailer. It didn't take long, and looked pretty darn good when done. I even got some praise from my neighbor, who looked over the fence at it.


Wednesday 18 December 2013

Wednesday  - We added a bit more base, then another 1000# of sand, and the screed rails. Kirk helped with the screeding, but then had to go off to a job.


I started on the pavers, checking dimensions and the fit with the pattern I wanted to use. I almost chickened out and used a simple running bond, but I already had a bunch of square pavers to go with the rectangular, so went with the more attractive "I pattern". I put enough pavers down to realize that there was going to be a quantity problem with the pavers.

This was surprising, until I retraced my train of thought. I'd bought enough pavers, earlier, to cover a different 100SF area in the back yard - if it had a cutout for a 5x8 tomato planter in the middle!! Heh. And the more complicated pattern used more rectangular pavers, 75% as opposed to 60%.


Not a big deal, I just went over to Home Depot and made sure they had some, since I needed about another 100. They had five. Yikes. I talked to their garden foreman, and he was able to locate a pallet of the correct type and promised to have them ready the next morning.
Tuesday 17 December 2013
Tuesday - I needed base material, so I went and got my trailer from a friends yard, then went and picked up 1000# from Home Depot. It's about half price, compared to individual bags. I also got some help, Kirk, who volunteered to help in between his other part time jobs. Between the shoveling and the required tamping of each lift I knew my hands wouldn't last, so it was great to have some help. It actually took another of the big bags, for a total of 18CF, to bring things up to where they should be.

Monday 16 December 2013
Monday - Still working in the yard. It's been cool, which is nice. I've driven in stakes to hold the end caps in place, and re-treated the ends of the wood with preservative solution. The drain pipe is in place, and held down with pavers for now, so that the base material behind it doesn't migrate under and raise it up (the sad voice of experience there).


Sunday 15 December 2013
Sunday - Cold, but not enough to freeze the bird feeder. I did various chores around the house.

I've been continuing to work on the side yard. There was a bit more digging to get done, and placing the yard drain down near the fence, so that the east side of the yard can still drain in a heavy rain or flood. I thought of putting a down drain in the paved area, but that's not really needed, it's only 10x10 and slopes away from the house. If I pave further, to the south along the house, I'll add one in.

In the evening, as I was working on the app, I got the USB warning again and the laptop shut off the ports. I was so angry that I was tempted to throw the computer across the room. This was using the brand new powered USB hub, so there shouldn't be any significant draw on the laptop. Worthless Apple hardware.

I just shut it down and walked away, before I did something I'd probably regret...

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Photo Notes: The Californian, 2008.

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