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WEEK 10 2015

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Saturday 7 March 2015
Saturday - Another gorgeous day.

Yard sales in the morning. I picked up a little air purifier for a friend, who has terrible allergies. For $4 it can't hurt. She mentioned that her old one was of the ionizing type, and apparently shorted out a while ago... Filters for this unit are about $9, in bulk...

Lunch at Famous Dave's, then home for a nap, and some household chores.

Also I dog sat my friends dog for a few hours. She accepts me now, and eats and poops as if she was in her own yard, rather than holding everything for days... The cats were concerned, but began showing themselves about dinnertime, so not too concerned. [Update: Er, the dog accepts me now. My friend's been housebroken for years and years.] Indeed I think Jimmy remembers Sam, and would probably bond and sleep in the kennel with her if I kept her longer than a few hours.

No app work, but another item I saw whilst looking up 'lines of code' was a comment on how long it took an experienced developer to write an iOS app - 300-500 hours seemed to be a common number, which is about how long V2 took for me. So I am not crazily slow...

On the other hand, because of various things, S hasn't been able to look at the new interface yet. I'll run it by her tomorrow.

Books so far:

#1 The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin
#2 The Raven, The Elf, and Rachel
#3 Cyador's Heirs
#4 As Chimney Sweepers Come To Dust
#5 Dragon Weather
#6 The Dragon Society
#7 Dragon Venom
#8 Wicked Bronze Ambition
#9 Foxglove Summer: (A Rivers of London Book 5)
#10 Hawk (Vlad Taltos Book 14)

Friday 6 March 2015
Friday - A very nice day, in the high 60's.

I took a nice long walk - 5 miles, and felt OK, though still in the 'new' boots. Of course this is on the flat with no pack, but still, it's a good sign. Dave is concerned that he re-injured his foot the other day, but agreed that the best thing to do right now is to continue exercising as if we were to go.

I worked on the app, adding a bit more functionality. I really want to run it by S before proceeding much further, but this is her 'long week', with her 'day job' taking up a lot of time.

My friends son has decided to go to Oregon State after all, so maybe that road trip is still on. Probably late in the month.

Thursday 5 March 2015

Thursday - A nice day, though I didn't get out much, not even a walk.

I need to, D still wants to do the Grand Canyon in May, and I'm getting strains and pulls in odd places from a lack of exercise - it's been a fairly sedate 3 or four months, and I guess that's taking it's toll. I'm not 25 anymore, it's important to keep up the maintenance!

Maybe tomorrow.

I mostly worked on the app. It's been about a week, and I felt I was a bit rusty, but I came up to speed relatively quickly and made some progress. This was, finally, adding the text prompts in the place where S wanted them. I did it a bit different from V2, so it took a bit longer to code, but it's considerably more concise code.

As I said, I'm trying to move logic into the Model. So right now we stand at 2150 lines of code in the model, and about 700 in the PlayViewController. A guesstimate would he 1/2 to 2/3 non-code lines (whitespace and comments) so it's at about 1200-1500 actual instructions. Not bad.

Lines of code isn't that great a metric for productivity, but there aren't any great metrics, so...

The RAM showed up for the old WinXP machine, I should install it and continue on this weeks homework...

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Wednesday - A reasonably nice day, blue skies, but windy and a bit cool.

Went over to the college for a couple of hours of lab. There are about 80 frames (min) to do in the current homework assignment, someone jumping. Of course the lab is only open for a few hours a day...

Sheryl picked up an excellent textbook on Flash CS5, an old official Adobe 'Classroom in a Box' text.

The noise and commotion in lab is bothering me less. I guess I'm getting used to it again. There was one guy today who suddenly started swearing horribly and loudly, then got up and left. I'm guessing that he accidentally deleted his work, poor guy.

Feeling better, though still having some issues. Back to the grind on the app...

Tuesday  3 March 2015
Tuesday - It's not particularly cold, but we have some clouds and did get a few showers overnight. Good for the grass and trees.

Indeed, the peach tree has flowered, and the pear-apple is budding and about ready. Since the last frost day is officially April 15th this is a little concerning.

I was tired and had an upset stomach almost all day. Whatever this bug is, it's mild but is hanging on like the dickens.

Book #10 was Hawk (Vlad Taltos Book 14), by Steven Brust. These are enjoyable sword and sorcery novels. Vlad, the former assassin for the local equivalent of the Mafia, betrayed them some time ago but is now trying to get out from under their death sentence, by offering them something they want more than his head...

Monday  2 March 2015
Monday - The tax appointment went OK. I have a little homework, but mostly I had stuff in order and I get a little back this year. Yay!

School was OK. My assignment wasn't really done, but done enough to turn in. Actually the instructor, John Rose, reviews them on his computer during class and shows them on the projector, so everyone gets to see what you've done. Sheryl's was creative, mine was just...whatever. In the pack. Half a dozen people took a pass, and a 1 grade demotion until next week.

As long as I get a C- or better I don't care.

Went home and pretty much just crashed, burnt out.

Sunday 1 March 2015
Sunday -It threatened to rain, and then, did. Second weekend in a row.

Worked on taxes, and on the project for school, just a little. 120 frame is a lot....

Not actually feeling too hot, but stuff has to be done. The tax appointment is tomorrow morning and class is at noon.

I did vacuum and clean a bit. The new vacuum filter helps, but it still leaves a lot of Jimmy's super fine and silky hair on the carpet. And I finally fixed the leaky downstairs commode, where the fill donut ring for the tank/base connection was bad. But now it's leaking from the fill line/tank attach....

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Helicopter rivets
Photo Notes: Helicopter rivets.

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