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WEEK 12 2021 

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Saturday 20 March 2021

Saturday - Cool and clouds and rather blustery.

Not much to say, doing various small chores around the house.

Cleaning up the east office and whiteboard...

Book #15 was Into The Wild (Malcontents Book #2), by Larry Correia.  Not bad. This is a sequel to the steampunkish Into The Storm I read in 2016.  I hadn't cared much for it then, but now I rather like it.

The "series" seems to be just these two books though. I get the impression that the world was probably designed as a backdrop for a computer game.  It's a shame, there's a lot of potential, but Correia had a huge hit in the Monster Hunter series and I suppose that's where the money and his attention is.

Friday 19 March 2021

Friday - Warm. in the 70s maybe.  And Monday it was snowing.

Did some work on computer stuff most of the day.  Not much to say there.

I haven't done a lot outside: G is out of town and I figure we can pick it up when he gets back.  In the meantime it's nice not to hurt and not to eat 12 ibuprofen a day just to keep functioning.

Also trying to figure out the financial status for this year, taxes are weird and then there is Medicare coming up, gahh....

Thursday 18 March 2021

Thursday - Another typical day.

Too windy, as usual, to go out and do anything with the telescope.

Went into town and dealt with cats.  They are happy to see me always.  I suspect my cat name is "whitefish and tuna pate".

One interesting thing about repeatedly going into town midweek is the traffic.  It's getting crazy.  Sitting at the light at Avenue K I counted ten cars in each of three westbound lanes, all waiting for the light to change.  And probably the same number, or more, trying to go east. So, sixty cars, all sitting and idling.  And there is so much traffic that you are pretty much guaranteed to hit every light red. 

I even timed myself: from Lowe's, a mile-and-a-half away from R&S's house it took a solid 20 minutes to drive.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Wednesday - Cloudy but not crazy windy.

Went into town, checked on cats, everyone is OK.

Dogs are settling in OK.  I kennel them inside the garage, with a little heater overnight, them seem quite content.

Krypton has some meds he has to be given, a pill and a syringe of oral stuff, but he's a trooper and it doesn't bother him. It helps that I put the pill in a bit of hotdog...

Tuesday 16 March  2021

Tuesday - Very windy.

Went into town, checked on cats, everyone is OK.

S&R arrived OK in South Carolina, say the AirBnB is nice.  That's good to hear.

I wanted to treat myself to a burger, so I went by In-N-Out.  No go: the cars were lined up roughly 1/4 mile long.  The city has actually modified the street markings to accommodate the crowd.

So I thought "Wendy's", which is across the street.  Except I counted 17 cars in line for that!

Then I tried the rather sketchy Jack-In-The-Box just to the west.  The line was frozen.  Apparently no-one was taking orders, cars backed up at the ordering station and no-one was at the take-out window.

So, I figured I'd bail and just get a Snickers at Lowe's.  But since I was there I went to WinCo next door to get a few things. 

And thought to check the Deli section: a foot long Hoagie was $7.  So I had that for lunch, and left most of it in the fridge at R&S's for lunch later in the week.

Monday 15 March 2021

Monday - Cool and blustery. The sun peeked out now and again, between storm clouds.

In the late afternoon it started snowing, and it really came down...for half an hour.

It melted quickly, still, a fun thing to watch.

snow march 2021

Sunday 14 March 2021

Sunday - Cold overnight.

Did some shopping with S.

I took home the Chihuahua's with me, R&S are gone for a couple of days, so I'll be watching them.  They've been coming here since 2019 so they aren't distressed or anything - in fact they are apparently quieter than they are in town.

I'll also be going by the house in town to keep an eye on the cats.

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owens lake
Owens Lake from the north, February 2021.

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