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WEEK 16 2014

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Saturday 19 April 2014
Saturday - Down in SD.

Friday 18 April 2014
Friday - On the road, down to San Diego. We got a late start - midafternoon - but there was so much to do that it wasn't a big deal.

I arranged for the boys to come by and mow the lawn, and for my friend C to spell T at watching the cats. T came by and we talked for a bit in the early afternoon - she was surprised that I was still home!

Traffic down to SD was surprisingly light for an Easter Friday.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Thursday - I'm out of town tomorrow, down to San Diego, so I spent the day running around, doing various chores and errands.

The most important was the battery. It died again, just from having the doors open for a half hour or so. A big truck battery should be able to run a couple of dome lights for days!

A friend suggested an Optima battery from Sams Club, but since I wanted to get the alternator checked, as well as the battery, it seemed like Sears was the place to go. On a Thursday mid-morning it was nearly empty, and I got right in. The first thing they suggested was new terminals, as the ones on there had the bolts rounded off. I agreed to that - I had to, or they couldn't get them off! Then, while I went off for an early lunch at the mall, they tested the alternator and the existing battery.

I fully expected a $100+ battery recommendation when I got back, but instead they said that the battery was holding at least an 80% charge, that the alternator looked good, and that they couldn't see any reason to replace either.

Huh. Well, those terminals were bad, but I honestly didn't think they were that bad.

The rest of the day was similar chores. Getting the swamp cooler consumables - pads, a new pump, descaler filters, etc. Shopping. Doing bills.

By evening I was exhausted. I had planned to do some office work for the levee inspection stuff, but was too tired to focus by early evening. I'll take it with me to San Diego I guess.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Wednesday - OTR. Headed back from Ventura to Lancaster mid-afternoon, after a last field inspection for punchlist items, and an office visit with the PM, Tim.

Back about 5:00pm. Good to be home. The young cats were suspicious and took twenty minutes for Suzy, and nearly 40 for Jimmy, to come and visit the strange man in their house!

Riley, of course, was blase about the whole thing.

Ive a bit of office work to do, but was simply too beat to do anything functional. Tomorrow I've errands to run, chores to do.

Tuesday 15 April 2014
Tuesday - OTR. Down in Ventura on work.

Monday 14 April 2014
Monday - OTR. Down in Ventura on work.

Sunday 13 April  2014
Sunday - OTR. Down in Ventura on work.

Enjoying just doing a ten hour day, instead of the twelve and thirteen hour days we've been working.

Still playing Words With Friends in the evening, using the iPad and the phone as a 4G bluetooth modem. Each turn seems to take about 5MB. This is due to the ads, since I'm running the free version. But with a 2GB limit it isn't a big deal.

So far I've won one game and lost two (both to S).

It's been cold at night, and I miss the little heater. I guess it burned out, drying the boots that got wet inspecting last week. At first it wouldn't turn off, then it wouldn't turn on. I unplugged it and threw it away as being a hazard.

I've been enjoying the little refrigerator. It's not so much that I'm enjoying cool stuff, per se, but that it allows me to store bagels and margarine and other food preparation stuff, so meals aboard are more enjoyable.

Picture of the Week
sea lion deterrent at pennisula yacht harbor 
Photo Notes: Sea Lion deterrent at Oxnard Marina, a few weeks ago.

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