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WEEK 16 2019 

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Saturday 20 April  2019
Saturday - Nice weather, but windy in the afternoon and evening - 30mph gusting to 40mph.

Some birds were building a next in the eaves on the front porch - the winds blew it right off.  Too bad, it was almost done and the cats enjoyed watching the construction. Hopefully they can build another somewhere safe.

I did a few chores around the house. I'm sore but starting to feel somewhat able-bodied again.  At least until the ibuprofen wears off.

I was going to go into town and pick up some swamp cooler pads and the like, but never got around to it.

Since WinCo is next door to Lowe's I thought I'd do it tomorrow, but S texted in the evening that she was down with the crud so I probably won't bother to go. I have an eye exam on Wednesday, so that will work too.

It is supposed to get into the mid-80's this week.

I also found some signs of termites in the master bedroom closet roof while I was prepping to paint it, and so I then inspected each room and noted the locations.  I have a two year warranty, and the original infestation was so great that I'm not surprised to see a few here and there after our wet winter/spring. They didn't properly do the house exterior wall in that master closet, and that seems to be the source of a lot of it.

My brother texted me a shot of his new granite counters - the contractors messed up and the glue has percolated into and through it and stained them horribly. 

stained granite countertop

He's pretty upset, but the contractor has promised to provide new granite. 

A friend says there is one, very cheap (because it's porous) granite type that is almost as bad as marble for staining, and that's what they probably used.  Granite should be almost invulnerable to staining - I think they used to use it in chemistry labs and morgue's, but Mike's had trouble with this contractor before. No corner is, apparently, too small to cut...

Friday 19 April 2019
Friday - Good Friday. Warm.  The winds never really came up.  Did the usual 2 mile walk with friends.  This time I wore my straw hat - it was toasty by the end of the walk yesterday.

Fiddled around with the app for a bit.  The new new Xcode 10.2 supposedly has a better debugger, but once again I can't get the symbols and code that where the error is (the memory leak) to show up properly.    I get things like:

    malloc(16) ---> NSFoundation ----> malloc(64)

instead of a nice pretty picture and perhaps a link to (say) line 728 of TMXPlayViewController.

Apple has, in addition to supposedly improving things, has moved things around again - tutorials from as little as a year ago show buttons and options in the Leaks tool that are no longer there, or have been moved to a different place.

I'll try some of the online examples that actually show memory leaks, retain cycles, zombie processes.  All the examples use Swift now, and I'm using Obj-C, so that could be part of the problem I suppose.

It was a bit humid - some clouds made for a nice evening.  It was a full moon, but you couldn't really see it through the overcast.

Thursday 18 April 2019
Thursday - Decent enough.  Some wind. did a 2 mile walk with friends in the morning.

Another Xcode update.  Argghhhh.  It took hours to download on 10Mb DSL...

And the new iPad Pro's introduce not just one but two new resolutions.  Two!  I was hoping for the same or just a few pixels, but the biggest is 2700 pixels, versus the older 2048.  You can't finesse a 30% change in pixels...for the background anyway.  I may be able to re-use the same cards and tiles.  Had I known it was going to take this long I would have used springs and struts to lay things out.  Another design decision back in 2014 that has come back to bite me on the a**.

And the new iPad Pro's have a curved corner and area's you aren't allowed to use.

i went out and did some weed whacking, and some RoundUp application around the stepping stones out back. The battery powered sprayer is defunct so I just poured the solution into an old hand pump sprayer I had.  It has an air leak, so I have to keep pumping, but it's fine for small areas.

Wednesday 17 April 2019
Wednesday - A nice day.  It's supposed to get warmer though.

I went for a short walk in the morning.

Working away on things. 

Tuesday 16 April  2019
Tuesday - Windy. Winds of 30+mph.

Doing various things on the app.

Book #15 was Mastering Swift 4: Fourth Edition, by Jon Hoffman.  This was one of the Swift books I found on my Kindle. Not bad.

In fairness to Apple, the new version of Xcode didn't break too many things.

S said a favorite therapy app writer she knows just released another iOS app, for $250.  Holy cow.  Then they marked it down to a measly $99...  By the standards of school districts this is chicken feed, particularly since they can put it on five separate devices.

Monday 15 April 2019
Monday - Nice in the morning.

Did a walk with the neighbors in the morning.

Worked on various things.

Sunday 14 April 2019
Sunday - Decent weather again.

I did grocery shopping with S.  The leg was bothersome, but usable.  I was really short of everything, so I spent more than double the usual amount.  Ah well.

There is some business to do for the Task Mechanic corporation, so I left her a check.  And my estimated taxes, to drop off tomorrow as well.

I want to start working on the house again, but am not quite up to anything strenuous.  I may vacuum and mop the floors though.

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Suzy using the keyboard
Suzy using the keyboard.

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