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WEEK 19 2009

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Saturday 9 May 2009
Saturday - so, a day of doing an errand, sleeping, doing a chore, napping, and so on.

Not a lot got done, except when people showed up and made me work. The handyman showed Friday up to take the slash pile, so I helped him with that, then we looked at the engine in his truck and discussed what part of the antique early generation electronic fuel injection was bad. I said I'd make a pile of old computers and electronic stuff for him to take to the toxic waste place today. Then, after I'd made the pile, I realized that it was the wrong weekend, and had to move it all out to the side yard to wait for next weekend.

Some other friends showed up in the evening, looking at houses in the neighborhood. They'd been looking at the 1400 sq. ft. one stories, but were intrigued by a foreclosed two story, on a cul de sac the next street over.

Book #17 was Last Call, by Tim Powers. It's classic Tim Powers fantasy, dark but gritty, this with a Fisher King plot. I actually read the sequel, Three Days to Nowhere, last year, and picked up this used paperback copy at Bay Books in Concord when I was up there last week.  Recommended.

Friday 8 May 2009

Friday - on the road, back to Lancaster. Feeling pretty tired.

While up at Dads place he called me in from another part of the house to the front room. Peg was looking excited, if a bit puzzled. We often refer to her at 'the lizard hound' for her dedication to tracking them down, out in the yard. Now, for some unknown reason - but to her delight - there was one in the front room, under the TV cabinet. After locking Peg in a bedroom (not to her delight - I had to pick her up and carry her there!) I was able to capture the lizard in a small throw rug and put it outside.

Lizards feel dry and smooth to the touch, much like snakes-


lizard closeup

Thursday 7_May 2009

Thursday - the meeting went OK, and I put in a few hours work.

Wednesday 6_May 2009

Wednesday - I had an errand in San Francisco, dropping things off & picking things up from a friends daughter. She'd just moved and needed different household items. The GPS took me there perfectly - though there were no numbers on the buildings, an egregious violation of fire codes - but sent me home via Market St. Sheesh. I really need to look at the route before I accept it - two miles on Market probably took a half hour of dodging suicidal pedestrians and homicidal bus drivers.

In the early evening it was down to Ventura, I've a meeting with the boss in the morning.

Tuesday 5_May 2009

Tuesday - I decided to to a bit of painting.

The small bedroom is cleaner and neater than it's been in years, courtesy of my sister, but after my brother and I did a bit more work - carrying the overlarge stereo cabinet out, and getting rid of other debris, it was clear that the walls were in distress. It seems that it hadn't been painted in at least 15 years, perhaps longer. So I removed all the furniture and belongings, the drapes, cleared away the fixture plates, and bought a gallon of flat white.

Since it had been flat white it covered well, with a little bit left over for touch ups later. But although it was latex it took forever to dry - the humidity was very high, perhaps 80%, and that was probably the cause.

Since the curtains my sister had installed were rose (scarlet?) I suggested to my sister that she paint the trim a similar color. It may be too much red, however.

 Monday 4_May 2009

Monday - gloomy  weather, grey and overcast, drizzling occasionally. It's sort of nice, actually.

Sunday 3_May_2009

Sunday - not much to say, hung out with the family, relaxed a bit.

Book #16 was The Ionian Mission*, by Patrick O'Brian, audio cassettes finished on the drive up north. This is book #8 in the Aubrey/Maturin series, and entertaining as always.

Picture of the Week
country road

Photo Notes: Country road at sunrise.

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