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WEEK 20 2009

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Saturday 16 May 2009
Saturday - mowed, edged, weedwhacked. Took the toxic waste stuff to the dump - my handyman didn't show up. Fixed a few things inside the house as well.

In the evening visited with friends. Do you recall my mentioning that a friend wanted a tractor? Well, she found a yard sale! $500 gets you a 1946 vintage Allis Chalmers, in running order.

Hmmm. It seems I was publishing this page to an incorrect directory all week, so nobody but me could see it. Oh well.

Friday 15 May 2009

Friday - I put in a day at the office, then headed back north to Lancaster. I made a start on chores last week, but there is still a lot to be done. Indeed, I'd like to make progress on the place, not just bring it back to where it was last year, or the year before.

But it is predicted to be hot, 100F or so, so outside efforts will have to be done in the early morning.

Thursday 14_May 2009

Thursday - working on some Vbscript stuff. I started it months ago, haven't touched it since, and it's taken a few hours to get back into the programming mode. Plus I have more information on the design parameters, so parts of it will have to be redone. But, like any software, a second pass results in a much better product. At least, that's what I tell myself.

I ran across this picture of the volcano at Chaiten, in Chile. Pretty remarkable. It's almost all new since last year. For a sense of scale - the lower older crater is 1.5 miles across...

chaiten volcano, sam beebe

Wednesday 13_May 2009

Wednesday - back at work in Ventura, doing various things.

Tuesday 12_May 2009

Tuesday - a bit under the weather.

Book #18 was Maelstrom: Destroyermen Book III: . The tale of the old four piper  USS Walker, swept into  an alternate dimension in 1943, fighting with the peace loving Lemurians against the evil Grik, continues!

 Monday 11_May 2009

Monday - I picked up some new glasses - bifocals - last week, and am trying to get used to them. There is a persistent small headache, and I occasionally miss my own mouth with a drink - the close up portion of the lens is a lot different than my old glasses. Very annoying when it happens!

Sunday 10_May_2009

Sunday - more small chores - fertilizing the lawn, also spreading fungicide. Shredding more of a box of old documents and bills - the shredder eventually started to overheat, so I stopped. Picking up a bunch of debris on the floor of the library room - one of the cats has started to pee on this stuff, probably when locked in there a few weeks ago.

Picture of the Week
Anacapa Island, lighthouse & cliffs

Photo Notes: Anacapa Island, lighthouse.

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